Timeless Plant Medicine and Its Incredible Gifts

Humans have always searched for the mythical fountain of youth, from the beginning of time till now. Tales found in ancient texts describe healing waters with the remarkable abilities to extend one’s life and heal all diseases. These legends enticed explorers throughout the world to find this magical elixir to reverse aging and extend life.

Evidence of these long-life spans could be found in the Bible, in the Old Testament. Further corroboration was found in an account of these mythical waters written in 1575 by the historian, Antonio de Herrera. He claimed that frequent visits to this fountain would allow “A frail old man to become so completely restored that he could resume all manly exercises… take a new wife and beget more children.” While Ponce de Leon and the western explorers searched high and low in the new world for this miraculous cure-all, evidence reveals it might have been present all along in the indigenous cultures, and the far eastern civilizations.

Ancient texts from around the globe reveal the presence of the cannabis plant in all aspects of early civilizations. Ancient Chinese texts from over 1500 years ago detail the use of cannabis elixirs as a primary treatment for diseases and symptoms with specified protocols for different conditions. The plant itself was thought to have miraculous healing powers and harmonized the body, mind and spirit.

Similarly, marijuana drinks were consumed at weddings, ceremonies and religious events to lift one’s heart, connect you to spirit, and bring forth joy and happiness. This marijuana elixir was a staple for daily living and social interactions. In the United States, cannabis was used as a cure-all for pain, anxiety, depression, headaches and more until access was removed in the 1930’s.

Marijuana is Experiencing a Revival

Nowadays cannabis is once again referred to as a miracle cure for pain and diseases. Protocols are being designed to treat a variety of conditions using different combinations of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids. Even more remarkable, people are discovering these awesome healing benefits and turning away from pharmaceutical medicines that carry dangerous side effects.

A dear friend confessed that up until recently he used cannabis strictly to get high; that was all he knew. Gradually, after he discovered by trial and error his aches and pains improved significantly, he created infusions of coconut oil and THC. Much to his surprise, he found by rubbing the oil on his body, his knees improved, the fungus on his toes disappeared, and his energy was restored. When his dog, Sammy, got progressively worse from cancer, he asked the vets about using cannabis only to be told no, don’t do it. Finally, when Sammy was at death’s door, he fed him the THC infusion, and within two days, Sammy’s health improved dramatically. In less than three weeks, Sammy was restored to health, literally, by this fountain of youth, this miraculous healing substance.

The Body’s Most Important System

Science now tells us our body needs the cannabinoids found in cannabis, to enable the endocannabinoid/ECS system to produce what it needs for healing. Quite simply, the ECS is responsible for helping balance every other system in the body. And every vertebrate has this crucial system. That’s why cannabis has applications for a variety of conditions, while simultaneously improving our spirit and mental health. Scientists in Israel and Germany recently reversed aging in a special group of mice, leading to the discovery that daily THC improves brain function in older people, rejuvenates the brain, restores memory and reverses aging.

In other words, this elusive fountain of youth exists in plain sight and is once again becoming part of our culture. Astounding! In plain sight, restoring health, revitalizing and reversing aging. So dive in to this Fountain of Youth and experience its wonder. You’ll enjoy the good energy…

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