Healing The World With Pot, Not Punches

Mike Tyson’s Vision of Healing Products Launches in Las Vegas

Mike Tyson is no stranger to cannabis. It’s been a part of his life for a long time. The former boxing champ didn’t start using it as medicine, though, until he was a little older. Now the founder of the Tyson Ranch cannabis company praises the plant’s medicinal value, both personally and professionally.

“It’s one of only a few things that actually helps me feel better,” he recently told ALOFT Magazine. “It’s medicine for me, and I can’t imagine life without it.”

His company broke ground on a 420-acre cannabis ranch in California earlier this year and plans to start building next year.  A getaway for cannabis connoisseurs, the undeveloped site housed the Kind Music Festival for 6,000 attendees in February. He and his team have plans for more entertainment-based events in the future, so stay tuned for details.

Now Tyson is growing his brand beyond the Golden State, launching his products and message of  healing in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

A Growing Brand

tyson ranch cannabis products

Tyson attracted big crowds last week when he personally launched his flower, pre-rolls, DWiiNK beverages and edibles at several Las Vegas dispensaries. Stop in to Jenny’s North, Planet13, Jardin and The+Source to try them for yourself.

Tyson’s products at these dispensaries include flower strains like sativa Jacked Up, indica Burkle and hybrid Cherry Punch; and pre-rolls like sativa Sour Diesel, indica Burkle and hybrid Cherry Punch. You  can also purchase Cannabidiol (CBD)-infused DWiiNK beverages and mixed berry CBD gummies.

Tyson also sells his product at dispensaries throughout California and appreciates the great support he’s received from the cannabis community.

As one of the best heavyweight champions of all times, Tyson also aims high when it comes to his company. Tyson Ranch partners with select growers in California and Nevada to ensure clean, quality cannabis with every purchase.

“We source unique and rare genetics from some of the states’ best growers,” says Tyson. “Their processes are top of the line, from the materials used to the handling of the product.”

Tyson takes great pride in his Tyson Ranch products. “It’s not just one thing. It’s 100 little things” that make them better, he says. “All of our flower has a diverse cannabinoid and terpene profile. We harvest for maturity, not weight, and all our buds are hand-trimmed, to name a few of the things that set us apart.”

Tyson’s Day to Day

mike tyson - tyson ranchTyson’s daily routine includes taking his Tyson Ranch CBD edibles. The individually-wrapped, fruit-flavored gummies come in a package of 10 and do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
When it comes to medicating, though, joints are Tyson’s favorite. He starts off every day with a strain like The Toad, Sour Diesel, and The Original OG.

“We started with CBD gummies because the product is more accessible to people across the U.S.,” says Tyson. “It’s important that I can share this medicine with others, and thanks to the Farm Bill we can do that with our CBD product line.”

Running a cannabis empire is very different than being a heavyweight champion. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own unique rewards.

“I am working towards my goal with an extremely talented team rather than in the ring alone,” he says. “I have people I can count on and who share the same vision as me – to make the world a little better and hopefully help heal others by sharing this medicine.”

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