Trouble in an Inclusive Oasis

An incident that occurred last month at a cannabis dispensary and lounge in Palm Springs has led to people questioning what really happened and asking if this was just a lack of customer service or something bigger.
A Misunderstanding

The situation came to light about an incident that happened at the Four Twenty Bank Dispensary & Lounge in Palm Springs, CA, as the establishment was closing following an evening of country music in the lounge. There was a patron who wanted to use the restroom as the establishment was being cleared out at the end of the night, as is customary. The independent security guard used by the business was conducting their usual sweep when the patron approached to say they wanted to use the restroom. Staff never denied the patron from using the restroom as he was sked to not video tape self while in the restroom. Staff addressed them based on the name on their ID, which turned out to be the “dead name” of the self-identified transgender male. The ID checking systems in dispensaries does not note the gender marker, only the person’s legal name, which in this case, has not been replaced by the self-identified name of the patron. Nonetheless, the co-owner of the Four Twenty Bank attempted to intervene as the situation became escalated and could not disarm the complaint given the emotional state of the patron who was feeling that the staff was being transphobic.

The Aftermath

It was a shock to watch the video and subsequent videos by the visitor from Yucca Valley. But let’s set the emotion aside and see if we can provide some reasonable assessment of what happened.

Having spoken with a number of people in cannabis industry, there is some disbelief that this could occur in a cannabis dispensary, especially in an inclusive community like Palm Springs. Cannabis is inclusive, to sum it up. It is common knowledge that anyone who visits a dispensary/lounge will find that they tend to be a chill experience.

It’s not easy unpacking a video on social media when someone who cares about their choices is seen ranting and going off on a business owner who truly was trying to diffuse a situation. Let me start by saying that co-owner of Four Twenty Bank Dispensary & Lounge was just as shocked by the accusation of being transphobic and treating someone unjustly. This goes against everything the community knows about Ms Montante. She and her businesses have long supported the LGBTQ community and has made it a point for over 30 years that her staff know and understand the customers and patients who visit her establishments.

Advocating for Transgender Understanding

In an attempt at what appears to be a failed cancel-culture event, people have been quick to judge both the patron and the business owner. To clarify, we looked into the history of when people were able to change the gender marker on the legal ID. When the Gender Identity Bill, SB-179 (CA), was signed into law in October of 2017, it allowed for people to petition and attest to their personal gender identity and provided a legal framework for their state issued ID to be either M-male, F-female or X-non-binary. The “X” marker is, in general, used for transgender people to self identify as neither of the other two choices, and allows for a new birth certificate to be issued under that choice.

We also connected with Thomi Clinton, Chief Executive Officer of the Transgender Health and Wellness Center in Palm Springs, CA which opened in 2018 to provide services for the Inland Empire Transgender, Intersex and Gender Diverse Community. Thomi is a transgender woman who in a previous life was a gay activist advocating for civil rights working with Lamda Legal.

Thomi explained that the world of gender identity we live in as cisgendered people (identified as either binary male or female) can be very confusing, even for people who are in the process of identifying as transgender. According to Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression in Social Work Practice, edited by Deana F. Morrow and Lori Messinger (2006, ISBN 0231501862), p. 8: “Gender identity refers to an individual’s personal sense of identity as masculine or feminine, or some combination thereof.”

Transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from the sex that they were assigned at birth. Some transgender people who desire medical assistance to transition from one sex to another identify as transsexual.

It makes one wonder how are we to know from an ID how the person identifies. As Thomi explained, “the State does it” meaning the State of California, in this case, changes an existing ID sex marker. You cannot just scrape it off with a coin or knife. “The State now has three gender markers because of because there was a Federal Court case of an intersex person,” Thomi stated. The case she was referring to was  Zzyym v. Pompeo (formerly Zzyym v. Tillerson & Zzyym v. Kerry),  a federal discrimination lawsuit was filed against the U.S. State Department on behalf of an intersex client, Dana Zzyym Lamda Legal inn October of 2015. Dana, according to the Washington Post had applied for a U.S. Passport in Colorado. The U.S. Passport Office the part of the State Department that issues official passports for people who plan to travel internationally. Dana had filled out the application and instead of checking the M or F boxes, they put an “X” and explained that they were neither male or female. In 2019, California SB179 was passed specifically as it states “It is the policy of the State of California that every person deserves full legal recognition and equal treatment under the law and to ensure that intersex, transgender, and nonbinary people have state-issued identification documents that provide full legal recognition of their accurate gender identity.” This made it into law that the official California ID or driver’s license would have the additional gender marker as a government issued document. In 2020, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit ordered the State Department to reconsider its prior decisions denying Zzyym an accurate passport. In that ruling, the court noted that forcing intersex individuals to pick a male or female gender marker in the passport application “injects inaccuracy into the data.” This past June, the State Department changed their policies and allowed for people to check a box with “X” allowing people who identify as anything other than male or female.

These changes have made it critically important for businesses of all types to seek out education on X-gender people as customers or consumers of their products and services. Thomi tells us “businesses should be aware and educate staff and independent service providers to think inclusively when serving all.” As for the alleged civil rights violation at the Four Twenty Bank, Thomi says it would be difficult to litigate a misunderstanding especially since check-in systems are HIPPA protected and do not track gender markers. It’s likely that when personnel reviewed their check-in, all they saw was the female name on the ID which had not been changed for the self-describe transgender male.

Thomi informed us that she had spoken to the patron of the Four Twenty Bank as well as had reviewed security footage showing the patron entering and exiting the men’s room on more than one occasion in the days prior to the incident.

As for the misgendering issue, Thomi spoke to the Four Twenty Bank and recommended that “we set up a training and education, and create some policies around this so that you can make sure that when you have some contact with some trans people that they are treated at the level of a place that we could call trans-inclusive.”

Thomi attempted to bridge the communication gap between the Four Twenty Bank, while the patron decided that the best course of action was an attempt at rallying others to boycott the Four Twenty Bank. Thomi informed us that it is clear from the interaction that the patron was clearly not interested in creating dialogue to bring education and empathy in moving transgender understanding forward. “I saw that there was another way that we could do it and bring more people to be an ally of the trans community instead of creating more people hating us,” Thomi stated.

Ms Montante told us that she is “open to having a conversation with the patron when they apologize for the way they have gone at attacking me and our business when they don’t know who I am, where I stand in the community and, the support I bring through plant medicine for the LGBTQ+ community in Palm Springs.”

Several transgender groups visit the Four Twenty Bank on a regular basis as they feel safe there. Four Twenty Banks’ motto is “We elevate, not discriminate.”

The bottom line is that we need to bring understanding to situations like these and see what can be learned from an unfortunate incident.



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  • Very good artical

  • Great article!!

  • Excellent article!

  • Interesting how you didn’t reach out to the patron for their side of this issue. I agree that there needs to be a resolution to this. Maybe they could start by admitting what they did and go from there. I was at the protest, and we will probably see more if they don’t do better. This article is straight pandering. Nice advertisement for 420 Bank, though!

    • Yes why would you think the writer did not reach out to this person?I happen to know he did you need to look at all sides before you make remarks that are not correct Loft Mahazine Is there a very well-known and reputable magazine in our community

    • You must not have read the above article or you missed the facts that were stated. The writer did reach out to the patron in question and they were not cooperative. There is video of this patron using the restroom on prior occasions with no problem. Businesses are required to follow the law in order to avoid situations like this. That is exactly what they were doing. It is not about a personal issue. It’s up to the patron in question to update their ID. 420 Bank is probably the largest and nicest dispensary of it’s kind in the valley. If one wanted to cause trouble with this type of business then that would be the logical target. Often when people start issues similiar to this it could be for other reasons. I have no way of knowing if there was any motive but if there isn’t then why didn’t the patron cooperate?

    • J Alex Gomez, Publisher
      August 20, 2021 10:38 am

      Thanks Mariah! AloftMagazine spoke with and interviewed the patron. In the interest of moving the conversation forward, we felt it was important to state the “what happened” and work with a trans health & wellness organization to shed light on misperceptions and how businesses can learn from this. In our conversations with the dispensary management and staff, we had a different experience and found that in fact, everyone there is inclusive and welcoming for all. The notion that an accusation is true is subject to interpretation. Interpretation is based on experience and wisdom helps in working out issues.

  • Kathy I was there both nights this person is a bully and is not willing to resolve his issues he wants something more it seems all his videos are edited for his own use and not the truth if you were not there than you don’t know the truth only what he tells you and besides he’s done this exact thing to other businesses ask looked it up on HIS videos sad angry person no love in his heart for education

  • I have visited the 420 Bank people there are helpfull friendly and sweet they are always making sure the facility is clean you can see the amount of work and dedication went into the building to bring patrons a beautiful place to go . I’ve watched the videos and this person is aggressive nasty and is looking for money or is so lonely that all he has is tic toc followers i’de like to know where he works so I can do the same to him that is if he has a job but it looks like now he’s asking for money on tic toc anyone know where he works?

  • We do not need people who bring negativity and distruction into our valley he can stay in yucca valley this person seemed very angry and in the videos looks as if he was looking to get caught doing something you do not bring cameras in bathrooms ?? I’m sorry the 420 Bank had to put up with this ,there always kind and is amazing place to go everyone should support them . I’d like to see him do something useful with his life instead of bashing people who give and have business.

  • I noticed in his video very on sided spliced and diced for his use now I see he’s asking for money? And I also see HiM flipping off the 420 Bank how mature is this? It seems like a very immature person that cannot resolve his own issues let alone anyone else’s I noticed he has not commented here must be out of his comfort zone?

  • So now we have to have Tyranny by the Minority. Because a person is confused about their identity we all have to have TRAINING on how to deal with a confused person. Are we next mandating training on dealing with yarmulkas, burkas, Indian headdresses, artificial limbs. This is Critical Race Theory gone amuck. Go get counseling. Don’t browbeat a business owner.

  • Thank you Angel yes this person from Yucca Valley is a bully he was invited in to speak with me and chose to create chaos instead he doesn’t know what it takes to create a business and how hard I worked to create an enjoyable place for everyone to come and relax he chose to manipulate footage lie and come after me for no reason whatsoever and not only that but has done this to other businesses it’s in his own footage it’s sad with what’s going on in the world right now that this person can only think of himself instead of praying for Afghanistan and flooding going on very sad world right now

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