The Reality Of CBD

Here’s the skinny: I was in the Army for almost 30 years where they reminded us monthly that Cannabis was pretty much taboo. I never touched the stuff when I served, so I slowly suffered through what eventually became fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome in silence.

See, it was more than the hate propaganda for the green plant that I heard all the time. It was the “discretion stigma” of being perceived as a stoner; the judgement of being known as a pothead instead of just a normal citizen. I’d been conditioned my whole life to frown at these types of people – little did I know they were taking something that has more power and is better for the brain than any prescription drug.

I now proudly use CBD and cannabis products for my fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, and other ailments that sometimes plague me since retiring disabled. It took some stubborn prodding on the parts of others before I was willing to try it, so I’m extending that offer to you. Maybe the stigma that was stopping me from trying CBD is what’s been stopping you too.

Here’s the reality: there are wonderful, effective, and downright life-saving uses for CBD and cannabis products. Not only do you get relief from the myriad of side effects that come with pharmaceuticals, but it can genuinely improve your quality of life. I know it improved mine.

Go in prepared for what CBD and cannabis products can offer, though. I knew it wasn’t going to be a cure-all for me, but it constantly shifts and boosts the energy I have because it makes me feel better. There’s less pain in my day-to-day, which is something I’ve never been so thankful for.  Feeling better makes the world around me better too.

I look at cannabis products now and laugh at how I used to see them. I’m left wondering, “where the heck has this stuff been all my life?!” I only wish cannabis prohibition for the country would end sooner; it’s already made such a deep impact in my life, I can just imagine how many other lives it can help.

With the progress our country has made so far, though, it’s just a matter of time before the whole nation sees the benefits that the plant has to offer.

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