The Ganja Traveler: California Travel Tips

Travel + cannabis are like peas + carrots, they simply belong together. Cannabis is a tool that opens minds, sharpens senses and magnifies experiences. The very nature of travel is to explore and expand by visiting new environments.They are undoubtedly synergistic, and complimentary. Below are tips on how to partake in this new world of Ganja Travel(™).

Experience Pairing: The activity or experience I am preparing for or partaking in, largely drives my selection of cannabis cultivar. For example, a hike in the redwoods would be a different cultivar choice than a pre-dinner toke for a decadent dining experience.

Cultivar Selection: Certain cultivars, aka cannabis strains, have the ability to uniquely amplify specific senses. From taste to touch, cannabis cultivars are able to compliment an experience or activity. There are 8 categories I consider when selecting a cultivar: nature, art, food, sex, sport, connection, comedy. The environment and experience will directly inform the cultivar that select and pair.

Dosing: The volume of magnified effect is an important consideration. Ingesting cannabis in a mindful way, with a goal of ‘finding your flow state’ is the best way to approach cannabis consumption. Flow state is the dosing level that is just right for you. It is the dosing level that allows cannabis to perform as a complementary tool to whatever experience you are partaking in. Every person has a unique flow state level. To find your flow state, dose low and dose slow. For any edibles or drinkables, give plenty of time for the effects to set in.

Method of Ingestion: In this cannabis 2.0 conversation we have many consumption options to choose. From rinkables and edibles to topicals and joints, it is a choose your own adventure with cannabis. Feel free to venture off the smoke filled path and indulge is a tasty hemp infused CBD cold brew coffee or a summer splash of California Dreaming. For me, well I prefer the old fashioned joint that burns nice and evenly and has targeted, pointed effects to compliment my environment or experience. I have found that the very best joints are hand-rolled by cannabis legacy small farmers.

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