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Legalized Weed Blazing New Trails For Stoner Films

Cheech and Chong. Harold and Kumar. Jay and Silent Bob. Historically, the characters in classic stoner films were portrayed as societal outcasts, delinquents and dropouts. The genre itself stems from decades-long prohibition and criminalization. It reflects a rebellious culture thumbing its nose at the man. But the times, they are a changin.’ With more than…
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Female Filmmaker Sparks Conversation On Women And Weed

Filmmaker Windy Borman grew up with a negative perception of cannabis. She labeled pot smokers at school as “stoner dudes,” under-achievers who often skipped class and usually smelled like a skunk. “That ‘I don’t care’ mentality just didn’t jibe with me,” recalls the award-winning director and producer. “It wasn’t very inviting.” When she started interviewing…
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