Have An Easy, Breezy Summer With Homegrown Cannabis Products

Summertime and the livin’ is easy (as composer George Gershwin first wrote in 1934). His words are truer today as legal cannabis in California sprouts new homegrown cannabis products. Some of these California-born creations may ease your life this summer.

From cannabinoid-infused topical skincare to sun-grown Southern California flower, here are a handful of local cannabis products to make summer living easier:

Skin up for sun protection

If you’re looking for some extra sun protection this summer, think about adding CBD or THC to your UVA and UVB. These cannabinoids are top of mind for many consumers as research continues on their proven and possible health benefits.

You can’t just add CBD and THC to any random sunscreen on the shelf though, according to Southern California-based cannabis skincare company Divios founders Nathan Garrison and Davis Mersereau. You need a product such as the all-natural, mineral-based sunscreen Divios Protect, which was expertly formulated by chemists so that the cannabinoids and raw ingredients work together effectively.

“[It is] designed to stay, in part, on the surface of our skin to block a broad spectrum of UV-rays rather than absorb them,” said the company’s founders. “By adding CBD … the compound can help prevent sun damage by fighting free radicals via its antioxidant properties and reducing inflammation, essentially healing your skin before sun-related damage occurs. On the cannabis side, the addition of THC to our formulas actually increases the SPF.”

Divios launched its broad-spectrum SPF30 sunscreen last month. The world’s first reef-safe CBD sunscreen, the 2-ounce formula contains 240 milligrams of pure hemp-based CBD. The company also makes THC products, which will be available at select California retailers in late July.

“We’ve had incredible testimonials from motorcycle riders putting in eight-hour days in the Mexican desert … to full days testing on the boat and in the surf with no burn,” says the Divios founders.

Caught a few too many rays? Cannabis delivery service HERB, which serves recreational and medical users in downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice and surrounding areas, recommends applying Calming Lotion from Apothecanna to hydrate and soothe your skin (and soul). Vegan and non-GMO, the lotion contains essential oils including lavender, chamomile and frankincense. It also contains 12.5 milligrams of THC or 12.5 milligrams of CBD. You won’t even have to go back out in the sun to buy it; HERB delivers right to your door.

Cool off with CBD cocktails

Summer is no time for hangovers, but it’s high time to sip on craft cocktails. San Francisco-headquartered Monk crafts CBD-infused drinking botanicals are all-natural and liquor free (though they can easily be added to your favorite alcohol beverage if you need something stiffer).

Handcrafted with locally sourced botanicals, herbs, fresh-pressed juices, terpenes and hemp-derived CBD, Monk’s ingredients primarily come from vetted California suppliers. They can be enjoyed on their own, mixed into your favorite alcoholic drink or in other recipes, like these perfect poolside popsicles.

Co-founder Mel McGraw says drinking Monk is “like landing back into the present moment” or “taking a big breath.” She considers Monk’s fruity flavors—Rosemary Orange Peel, Cinnamon Citrus, Tumeric Lemon, Ginger Maple and Grapefruit Cayenne—the perfect summer sip.

“While you are busy appreciating the complexity of flavors, you may start to notice that you feel a little lighter … and a little more connected to yourself and the people around you,” she says.

“Summer is a celebration, and you need a drinking experience that holds up to that,” she adds. “MONK Drinking Botanicals are the perfect summer drink because they are a celebration in and of themselves. They excite the senses, inspire the imagination, and know no boundaries of flavor.”

Monk is sold at select gourmet retailers in Los Angeles such as The Oaks Gourmet Market and Broome Street General Store in Los Angeles.

Drizzle it, just a little bit

vireo cannabis oil

Add a dose of chill to your summer picnic or backyard barbeque with Vireo, a CBD or THC-infused extra-virgin California olive oil, created by Southern California Chef Luke Reyes and a team of cannabis experts.

Does Chef Reyes’ name sound familiar? You may remember him from the Food Network’s “Chopped,” Netflix’s “Cooking on High” or his cannabis-infused catering company, La Hoja.

Light and full of flavor, Vireo is perfect for drizzling on vegetables, sautéing or adding to salad dressings and recipes. The gourmet oil comes in regular or with roasted garlic and lemon. Extremely high end, the crafting process utilizes the skills of an Italian master miller. The recipe incorporates organic California olives and California-grown cannabis.

Since each 8-ounce bottle contains only 75 milligrams CBD or 3 milligrams THC, it’s ideal for the cannabis curious.

“There’s not really much on the market in way of low dose infusions,” explains Chef Reyes. “It’s great for those who are new to cannabis or looking for another way of consumption.”

Stop and smell the flower

When it’s too hot to think about what to consume or even to leave your house, keep life simple for you and your buds with a jar or two of HERB flower. HERB sources locally-grown strains for the cannabis connoisseur and brings it to your door.

When you’re out and about, Herbarium dispensary in West Hollywood has a homegrown line of flower with summery strains like Mimosa, Apricot Gelato or Papaya Quench.

To grow the Sativa Mimosa, Herbarium crossed fan-favorite strains Clementine and Purple Punch. “It smells tropical and citrusy, and the high is very euphoric and creative,” says Maddy Staines of Herbarium’s marketing team. “It’s a great strain to smoke before a hike or a workout or before embarking on any creative activities.”

Apricot Gelato is an Indica dominant hybrid that’s a cross between Gelato and Legend Orange Apricot. “It smells like an orange creamsicle and it will leave smokers feeling happy and chill,” says Staines. “It provides a nice relaxed body high without making users sleepy or lethargic.”

Super potent with 27 percent THC, Papaya Quench is a Sativa hybrid with a fruity, sweet smell. “The high is very euphoric and energizing, balanced with a relaxed body-feel,” says Staines.

If you’re really feeling the heat, cut right to the chase with an all-flower pre-roll from Lowell Smokes. This convenient cannabis product is organically grown on the Lowell family farm on the central coast of California. Better yet, they are available for purchase at more than 350 dispensaries (or delivered by HERB). Purchase them as single rolls or in packs of seven (one for each day of the week).

If you want to look like a cool cat on a hot day, try Higgs sleek pre-rolled joints. Organically sun-grown in L.A., each stylish pack comes with six .58-gram pre-rolled joints and are sold at dispensaries throughout La-La Land.

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