Strain of the Month: Premium Black Jack

Black Jack is a hybrid that has some Jack Herer and Afghani-derived Black Domina (typically 70-Indica/30-Sativa) according to All I can tell you is that this is a bad-ass strain. Our first Strain of the Month is one that got my synapsis firing. With 25% THC, it calmed me down from my anxiety (med reco on file… je je) and got me into the very creative, focused, energized zone, and worked great for my aching bones from running stairs.

Because of aromatic genetics, this is one where you can dose a small pinch in a bowl and feel the optimal effects for about a couple of hours before you consider dosing again. It is very pungent, lemony, and flavorful.

In the meantime, its effects allow me to focus on balancing my checkbook to paying bills to analyzing numbers for my work, and writing emails to clients and associates. The best thing is that I can carry intelligent conversations with people.

This is a popular strain in the San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Portland, Washington, Denver and Las Vegas areas among people who want that creative focused edge.

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