Giving Thanks…in Every Season

Thanksgiving – So Much More Than a Holiday!

Thanksgiving is a state of mind, an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness for the blessings you have received. This state of grace allows for an opportunity to dive into appreciation and recognition of the uplifting people, events, and places experienced throughout the year.

These moments of gratitude are essential to your health and happiness. Your well-being depends upon this positive attitude and the simple appreciation for your blessings and your challenges, aka growth opportunities.

Focusing upon joyful experiences allows no time to complain, criticize and judge. The human mind processes one thought at a time, either positive or negative. Praise, enthusiasm and appreciation raise your vibration, and, as the law of attraction states, draws more of the same. This focus on positive outcomes eliminates the negative, attracting abundance, prosperity and joy.

Mindset is Everything in Every Setting and Circumstance

The law of attraction claims your thoughts determine results. Constant negativity often leads to anger, disappointment and frustration, while optimism results in success and fulfillment. Expressing gratitude improves family relationships and close friendships. Praising a job well done and spreading compliments lowers your stress and anxiety while balancing your hormones. In truth, life improves when everyone feels appreciated.

The attitude of gratitude doesn’t just impact one’s personal life. Many successful business entrepreneurs attribute their career success to their positive outlook. This grateful appreciation reveals itself in their dedicated approach to customer service, by going the extra mile and expressing gratitude towards clients. Appreciation of employees in the workplace keeps them happy and fulfilled, creating a rewarding work environment.

A positive can-do attitude allows your light to shine, energetically lifting those in your presence. Your enthusiasm or lack of, can change the dynamics of any group, for better or for worse. Acknowledge your partner and your relationships, your family and friends, and let them know how much you value their contributions, love, and support. Take the time with your co-workers, bosses, and employees, to share how their work improves your well-being and that of the company. Appreciate the flow of money allowing you to build your lifestyle, your home, and foundation, enabling you to fulfill your dreams.

The sheer act of saying yes, thank you, yes, I appreciate you, yes, I love you, yes, bring me more, opens the floodgates to abundance.

Amplify Your Gratitude with Intentional Cannabis Use

Certain times during the day lend themselves to 420 gratitude rituals, such as your morning cup of coffee or preparing your meals. The infusion of cannabis into your ritual gives you the moment in between times when you can truly ask, “What am I grateful for in this moment and who do I appreciate and thank?”

Stepping into this state of gratitude and grace is fairly simple but requires consistent, dedicated attention. Start by keeping a gratitude journal to record and list all you are grateful for, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Remember your family and friends who have supported you, including your co-workers. You might be grateful for unexpected money or gifts from the universe, vacations, good health and fantastic weather.

The point is to focus on acknowledging what you do have, rather than on what you don’t, for, as the social media etiquette expert Germany Kent wrote, “It’s a funny thing about life. Once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.”

So, if you are ready to let go of what you are unhappy with and get on with enjoying your blessings, give yourself this gift of true gratitude and experience the best Thanksgiving ever.


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