Saving Your Stash During Lockdown

This new 2020 era has started with a bunch of anxiety. I was anxious about the start of a New Year, a new career, a couple news jobs, and even anxious because of my relationship. March 2020 has made me anxious for so much more.

Yesterday. March 20, 2020, was the first official “Shelter in Place” mandate in California. Before that, and now, I’ve been trying to remain calm in the climate of no toilet paper or rubbing alcohol. Thankfully, cannabis has been classified as an essential item. Praise all that is good and great! And yet, I now have anxieties about cannabis supplies in my house. My hoarding tendencies are kicking in.

In these times of uncertainty our anxieties and OCD can get the best of us…
Each person is different and so are our anxieties. I have been taking time trying to relax but only getting about halfway there. I am constantly thinking if I am smoking too much or too little. I need to smoke for medical reasons but I didn’t renew my license this year because I don’t want to be told I can’t have a weapon for self-defense. Hence my joy at the fact that licensed dispensaries are being treated like essential pharmacies, as they should be.


I, like many others, have continued to support these needed locations, but in this rapidly changing climate, I find myself wondering exactly how I should dose my THC now that I am constantly home. We see the memes about getting more cannabis and then just smoking more not saving it… THAT’S TRUE!

I also find myself rationing my cannabis pick up into different containers and putting them all over the house. It’s like a scavenger hunt but I know where it is. For some reason I find that if I don’t see all the cannabis I have, then I smoke less. But that was only half my battle. I soon found that the method in which I was smoking had a HUGE impact on how far I could get with my herb.

Does it feel different for you to smoke from a bong vs smoking a joint? Do you know what a chillum is? These are the things that go through my mind. The smoking accessories that make life easier might also serve to conserve my weed. What is the term they have been using?


Microdosing is the form of consumption in small quantities over a consistent amount of time. That means, now that we are home, that if we want to smoke the way we used pre-03202020, we can’t. Before the quarantine days, we were in public, no smoking zones or even just outside. Now, we are in our homes where most of us have the ability to smoke as often as we want. For true stoners out there, you know it’s all the time. If, however, we needed to conserve our cannabis what do we do?

Tips to Save Your Stash

Here are some tips on how to conserve your cannabis during shelter in place mandates in your state.

  1. Use small pipes, one hitters and chillums instead of bongs, joints or blunts.– Smoke more often but you use less cannabis. Just a pinch and you get good greens
  2. Grind your weed– you will have kief but also this is because it will make sure that the herb is evenly lit and thoroughly burned. No green should be left behind when grinding to conserve.
  3. Pack smaller bowls– Some bongs have super deep bowls. If this is the case and you find yourself constantly emptying greens, pack the bowl only half full and smoke a couple more to reach your normal tolerance.
  4. Mix cannabis with other herbs for joints or blunts—If you must roll, there are other herbal smoking blends that don’t contain nicotine thankfully. Most can be ordered online. I get herbal smoking blends. Be careful to research what herbs are good to smoke before you buy. Better safe than sorry. But herbs are great for you to smoke! Give it a shot I highly recommend this method.
  5. Ration and Hide your cannabis– Buy in bulk but trick your mind. Put away a couple grams or eighths into other containers. Then stash them in places you always look when you lose something, but keep it out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind really does work. If you have edibles you can put them in the back of your freezer. Put them in a baggie or cover them so nothing leaks on them.
  6. Change up your smoking accessories– If you don’t have more than one bong now is a good time to invest in more accessories. You should have at least a small and then medium or big size smoking tool. It will help your brain think it’s having more fun and then you will not just mindlessly want to smoke. Also, it will give you the option to smoke different amounts as well as, it just feels different.
  7. Use hemp wick– In efforts to taste your cannabis and not burn the whole bowl, hemp wick helps you corner the bowl and burn little sections at a time.

As always though, use your best judgment. If you have to smoke the way you do for medical reasons then keep doing what works best. In times like these it is better to smoke less weed more often than burn through your stash with big fatties. Of course, when there are times you might want to take some big tokes, you should do so. But keep in mind that if we are conserving, stash wraps and joints use the most herb, bongs are second, pipes are third and then smoking accessories like one hitters and chillums will use the smallest amount of material.

Stay safe my friends. Stay Lifted!

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