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Taking a Bus to Learn Plant Medicine?

One of the greatest experiences you can take when you want to really learn more about our sacred plant is to catch a “cannabus”. Not only do you get to meet some chill people, you collectively get to learn about health and wellness, the benefits of consuming for recreation and learn about what happens in the cannabis industry by peeking behind the proverbial curtains. All this to make your first experience… or your next one… by visiting a local dispensary or a consumption lounge all that more enjoyable.

In legal states, one sure way for cannabis fans to learn is to get on a bus tour that can take you from “root to toot” to learn about the skills craft cultivators employ in carefully growing and harvesting quality legal products. In Southern California, cannabis tourism is thriving and one of the growing companies is Cannabus Express Tours serving the Coachella Valley and beyond.

Let’s just call this the “modern era” of cannabis and hemp. Reviled for over 80 years since being scheduled as illegal by the federal government, both cannabis and hemp are becoming as normal as aspirin, especially for people who have benefited medically from their consumption. Creator and owner, Lynne Daniels, is much like many of today’s cannabis and hemp entrepreneurs in having used CBD or tinctures for medical reasons. We caught up with her recently to understand what got her to create this company and what her vision is for educating and informing people about the benefits of cannabis.

A Bit of Back Story

Lynne was attacked by two dogs several years ago. CBD and cannabis helped her in her recovery in what is becoming a usual way for people to learn about the benefits of plant medicine. “It’s ironic because I didn’t know about it just yet. I learned from giving it to my dog, my husband and my mom. I wished I had known about it long before and probably didn’t have to use Vicodin then when I started my recovery,” she states.

A big part of canna-tourism is to visit cannabis grow farms.  The business is evolving around the 11 states where it is fully legal as more tours are springing up. Cannabus Express Tours operates in the Coachella Valley in Southern California. “I very much believe in resorts. When you travel abroad, you take a tour and it’s the best way to learn the resort area. We found this area to be more like the Silicon Valley of cannabis.”

The Coachella Valley appears to be very cannabis-friendly. Being in a world-renown destination Lynne states that “most of my audience is seniors and younger people particularly those coming for an event here in the lower desert.”

The Southern California cannabis and hemp industries seem to have exceptional growth with industrial complexes housing indoor grows and rich farmland for sun-grown agriculture. Cannabus Express Tours sees opportunities beyond the area. “We are looking at San Diego, Phoenix, Sedona and the Southern California wine country around the Temecula are areas where we see the need for this and will be looking to go there soon.”

Whether you are a newby looking to learn before you jump in or you are experienced in medicating with cannabis, taking a tour surely will elevate your experience with the knowledge and information you will get on a Cannabus Express Tour.

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