From Reefer Madness to Reefer Miracle

Overcoming The Stoner Stigma

Remember Reefer Madness, the classic marijuana film designed to terrify you into compliance? The federal government labeled cannabis as Public Enemy #1, and the film portrayed the plant as the root of all evils, corrupting our youth. This image of marijuana as a gateway drug, only for stoners, guided public perception for many years.

Unfortunately, this attitude keeps many from turning to this alternative for relief.

Despite the history and the struggle, cannabis is rapidly undergoing a major transformational shift from being a banned Schedule A drug to legal in over 33 states. Suddenly cannabis is the new cure for serious illnesses, pain relief, and healthy daily living.

Forty years ago, as a newly licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, this shift was inconceivable for me. Had I extolled the virtues of marijuana for wellness, balance and spiritual living, I would have lost my license. Had I been arrested for smoking a joint or consuming pot brownies, I could have lost everything.

The Controlled Substances Act effectively ended research into the effectiveness of cannabis to alleviate or reduce symptoms related to cancers, arthritis, seizures, stress, and pain. All information about the historic use of cannabis for over 5000 years was scrubbed from the journals as the public was denied access to this powerful healing remedy.

Nature Knows

Fortunately for us, times have changed, resulting in easier access to this potent remedy for cancers, arthritis, seizures, pain, PTSD and so much more. Even more astounding is the revelation that this plant can help every system in your body AND increase your energy, creativity, and vitality. Every vertebrate has an Endocannabinoid System/ECS, which is responsible for helping balance every other system in the body.

While Endocannabinoids are found in many plants, they just happen to be most abundant in cannabis. I have been writing about miracles for many years, and I still find it hard to believe that one plant can heal so many ailments on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

But Still…We Fight the Stigma

Here’s the catch. Despite easier access to marijuana, many adults remain reluctant to experiment because of the implied stigma. I was filming the just opened trendy, well-appointed Lighthouse Dispensary, Café, and Consumption Lounge in downtown Palm Springs. The employees outside politely invited the public to check it out. Many were excited to tour the new facility, but I heard several rude replies:  “Do I look like a stoner?”  “You think I smoke pot?”

The medical field, too, is approaching this new trend to use cannabis with skepticism. Many loyal patients are turning to marijuana for relief and limiting or eliminating recurring doctor visits.  Expensive ineffective prescription drugs are replaced with effective CBD/THC alternatives, for many people.

Still, it is unfortunate so many adults remain closed to using cannabis despite its life-saving benefits. Statistics reveal prescription drugs cause approximately 1.9 million hospitalizations every year, with over 100,000 deaths.

To this date, there have been no deaths from cannabis. The worst side effect, according to my friends, is “the cheesecake belly, the binging on your favorite foods.”

The image of the stoner on a fast track to the devil keeps many who would benefit from turning to its use. Who wants to be tarred and feathered as a “stoner” with its sleazy connotations? I continue to meet adults, including family members, with health problems and pain who meet my suggestions with negativity, give me “that look”, and choose to rely on their pain meds.

The Truth Prevails!

Here’s the good news.

The west is finally catching up to a truth much of the rest of the world has already known.

An increasing number of adults are incorporating cannabis into their wellness and lifestyle protocols to improve their daily life. They are using CBD and THC – in myriad forms – for health improvement, stress reduction, balance, focus and sleep disorders. School districts are changing their policies to allow students to bring medical cannabis for a variety of serious disorders including ADHD, autism, and seizures.

Times have certainly changed!

Talk about a new paradigm. Marijuana, once illegal and shadowy, is now the true medical miracle for many of the ills we suffer from.

The tables have turned.

Perhaps it’s time for you to discover this “magical cure” for yourself and experience the true balance a 420 lifestyle will bring.









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