Let Cannabis Help You Seize the Day!

Imagine enthusiastically waking up, leaping from bed, ready to soar to your greatest heights and get things done. You feel focused, intent on accomplishing your tasks, driven, and raring to go. In one hand is your to-do list, in the other your pipe, vaporizer, or consumable cannabis plant ally.

Think of cannabis as your personal trainer, working in collaboration with you to become fully aligned – body, mind and spirit, all systems ready to go.

Create a morning ritual as you prepare yourself to work and be the superstar you are. Turn on soothing meditation music or whatever works for you to help with focus and clarity. With the assistance of a selected cannabis strain, notice as restrictions or blocks begin to ease, and you slip into the stream of consciousness. Observe as your productivity easily flows. In that focused, moving state, your work becomes your meditation, and harmoniously completes itself in your personal time/space continuum.

Set Intentions and Align

This alliance with the marijuana plant works to free you from any confusion or chaos leading to the path of distraction and lack of focus. The creation of your personal ritual or routine, sets the stage and builds a safe container. Your thoughts are free to drift into that magical stream of awareness where your answers lay.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and center yourself. Ask the spirit guides of the cannabis plant for guidance and clarity, to masterfully complete your work. Now is a good time to define specifically how you intend to use cannabis to provide stimulus to get the job done.

An effective cannabis work strategy begins with your plan for the entire day, the big picture. First clarify your goals and prioritize each task.  Are you going to meetings and networking today, requiring a more social and outgoing approach, or will you be at your computer by yourself with your work?  As you organize your schedule, design your intake protocol according to whether you need to be social and outgoing, confident and productive, or focused inward to complete your writing or other tasks.

Once you have reached this expanded state of awareness, you will soon find your ideas effortlessly flow. Ideas flow; the pen moves itself; the joy of the job is in the air. Have fun brainstorming and generating new strategies and programs with this upgraded creativity and expression.

Match Your Strains with Your Intentions

With CBD and THC, it is not just how much you take, it is also what variety and strains you use. In general, if you are seeking focus and clarity, sativa or sativa dominant hybrids are most effective. They tend to improve your concentration for longer periods of time, perfect for deep dives into your creative process. The proper dose enhances creativity and provides an improved sense of wellbeing. On the other hand, Indicas are relaxing and might put you to sleep and give you “couch lock”, so if you have a great deal of work in front of you, choose wisely.

With the right strain, hours might pass, days can turn into nights, answers appear as if from nowhere. Truly, you will feel your day has been successful, complete and magical.

If you take a hit before you attempt tasks you dislike, your job might become easier. It’s quite possible this simple act will transform the chore from a burden to an enjoyable blessing.

Sky’s the Limit…

If you are a cannabis novice, start slowly and pace yourself. No need to go too fast or take too much and ruin your day. But don’t believe all that nonsense that you can’t get anything done if you smoke weed, because that’s not necessarily true.

In fact, get smart. Stabilize your body with cannabis. You will find not only do you get more done, but you actually have more energy, creativity and vitality as you do it.

That’s what 420 spiritual living can do for you. So don’t be shy. Dive in and enjoy your canna-vibe!

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