Nite Nite, Nightmares

Get Specific About Your Cannabis…and Get Some Sleep!

Do you dread bed? You know…restless nights or worse yet…nightmares? During life, we often witness or partake in some really “bad shit” that can stick with us. Often we get stuck with that moment(s) in the last place we need it, our sleep / dream world. Sleep time is for our bodies to rest, regenerate and heal, not to writhe and twist with anxiety. The more peaceful we sleep, the better quality of lives we will create. Experiencing insomnia or restless sleep, night after night… can pile up quickly, leaving us feeling like a shit sandwich and wanting to crawl in a hole and die. Of course, a tired body and mind will trickle out to other areas of our life too, like our experiences, passions and energy level. This trickle poisons our day with anxiety, fear and hopelessness. That was my “life” for a few years, dreading each day…especially bedtime. But lucky me, there was indeed some serious sunshine after all that darkness.

As a veteran, I’m still blown away that there was a NATURAL solution to my nightmares available that was FAR SAFER than the BS sleeping pills I used to consume. And I can use it AS NEEDED, without the fear of random sleepwalking or other insane side effects.

What is even more fascinating are ALL the different strains that our cannabis connoisseurs breed into pure potency for a SPECIFIC ailment. You can go into a medical dispensary and see strains specific to headaches, inflammation, and you name it in between! Shitty sleep and nightmares are what we’re here to talk about today, though. So after some careful experimentation (somebody has to do it right?!)… I have some cannabis strain recommendations to help you sleep BETTER and sweat less.

Night Nurse Strain

You can probably guess from the name what the strain is good for, but Night Nurse is an 80/20 Indica-dominant that can knock you on your ass quick, but in a good way. It’s commonly used for insomnia and trouble sleeping thanks to its tranquil balance of calming mind and relaxing body effects. Perfect for those days with higher level of anxiety and especially if you are going to bed with an uneasy feeling already running in your mind! Melt into letting go and feeling safe with Night Nurse. She will be by your side while you slip back into your pillow with heavy eyelids and a smile.

Remedy Strain

If you don’t dig the trippy “scooby doo” effects of THC consider the Remedy Strain. This bud stands out in the crowd as a CBD-dominant strain that still helps me catch some Z’s. Virtually no THC in its chemical makeup, it doesn’t cause a high, but it does help with symptoms like stress, anxiety, pain, and other things that can easily keep one up at night. I have found going to bed in a state of peace and mellowness will lead to a less eventful night, anyhow. Really good SHIT for taking a power nap at lunch too! BTW—Take MORE Naps!

9 LB Hammer Strain

Finally, I’ll finish up with my personal fave called 9 Pound Hammer. Having a decent CBD percentage, this Indica dominant strain will help w/pain, ensuring you sleep harder and longer. IF you do happen to wake from a dream that scares the dookie out of you, keep this strain at your nightstand for a few “rescue” puffs and melt swiftly into sleep. Or, you could use a 9 LB Hammer patch to get a steady release of cannabis medicine into your system throughout the night. Now instead of waking tired and anxious…you can wake feeling refreshed and ready to kick some ass for the day.

Rest Well, Live Well!

Bottom line, in order to thrive in life, you must FEEL GOOD. There is a lot of new evidence that medical marijuana can suppress REM sleep, making you dream less or stop dreaming at all. For people who experience frequent nightmares, eliminating or at least minimizing dreams can bring greater peace of mind.

Eliminating the anxiety at night will lead to a more peaceful daytime experience. If you need some puffs to settle down and rest, rest assured it’s a safe alternative to prescription drug side effects. Always talk with your doctor first before quitting or changing any prescription…but remember, seek natural solutions when you can. Most marijuana dispensary specialists will help you with specific needs…if you just ask. Try something different! A solid night’s sleep is the foundation for FEELING better. And feeling BETTER leads to a higher quality of life. Live Better.


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