The Quarantini

This very refreshing cocktail is just the thing you need to celebrate a special occasion. It’s got a taste profile akin to a Cosmo, but better. You’ll need to use rosemary syrup in this, but don’t worry, we have the recipe for that here. Makes  1 serving Ingredients 1 tablespoon rosemary syrup (see recipe below)…
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The DRUID® App Measures Impairment from and Tolerance to Cannabis

Introduction to the DRUID app, Inc How to Measure Impairment from Cannabis As the worldwide legalization of cannabis accelerates, impairment from cannabis has been raised as a concern for cannabis users’ driving and workplace performance, with potentially serious implications for public safety. Generally, states consider driving under any level of impairment illegal. Becoming impaired from…
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CBD and Autism – A Parent’s Journey

While researching CBD and its many benefits, I stumbled upon a blog by Mike Robinson, a dad who treated his stepdaughter Genevieve’s severe autism and epilepsy with CBD and other cannabinoids. Myself the parent of a child with autism, I was very interested in Robinson’s research and experience. I was fortunate enough to interview him…
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