May Strain of the Month – Wedding Cake

Sometimes you find a strain of cannabis so good that you want to recreate the experience, especially if it was a really good one. This month, we tried at least 7 strains and landed on a new favorite… Wedding Cake! You don’t need to be a huge expert on phenotypes once you have experienced the effects of this delectable dessert.

Wedding Cake is a sour hybrid Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Contrary to it’s name, it is not as sweet as the dessert at your best friend’s wedding.

It tends to be tangy sour with a creamy taste finish. If you are a connoisseur, you’ll look for a bud structure that leans more like an Indica, and the experience is more like sativa… uplifting and gets your synapses firing on all cylinders.

May get you started on that great American novel or designing some fabric pattern as it got us very focused. This may help you get restful sleep, relieve pain and get you out of the blues.

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