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Your consumption options just got sweeter and convenient!

Next time you go to the corner of “happy & healthy” or your neighborhood grocery store, stand and observe the aisles around the store for a moment. Stop and realize that each of these products and brands came from someone’s idea, fueled by blood, sweat, tears and an innovative, curious nature. They also came from tenacity and not listening to the naysayers. Then take it a step further. Imagine that every single product category you see from “trusted” brands you buy and now the packaging has a little green cross or leaf. Yeah…that’s a future possibility that is unfolding before our very eyes.

Consumer packaged goods or CPGs is a broad category for packaged foods, beverages, desserts, cleansers, bath products, paper goods (in some instances), spices, ingredients of all sorts for cooking and meals. Right now, there are CPGs in the cannabis industry like waters infused with THC or CBD and blended with fruit essences that match terpene profiles of the strains the THC is drawn from. You can use cooking oils containing specific strains of cannabis depending on the consumption mood you want. People across the country are learning how to cook with cannabis at a much faster rate than when kale became a thing.

Meet one of the change-makers!

Today we picked the brain of an innovator with the kind of tenacious, creative spirit that drives this change. He created a sweetener company using THC-infused 100% cane sugar and USDA-Certified agave syrup. The brand is appropriately called Shoogies.

If you like to “wake n’ bake” you will appreciate this product. If you rely on flower for your medication, you will appreciate this product. If you, like us foodies, like to cook and bake, you will appreciate this product. Heck, if you fancy yourself a non-alcoholic mixologist and you work with muddled drinks or infused teas, even you will appreciate this product. It’s amazing to see innovators who bring transferable skills to this new and amazing industry.

Latham Woodward, Founder & CEO, Sense Distributing in Oakland sat down with us, and we were intrigued by the ideas we shared.

What prepared you to create Shoogies?

Having been in manufacturing/product development for almost 30 years, “it’s been a very, very long process and satisfactory road that’s made me very happy”, Latham said. “I’ve been around weed my whole life – in Marin County, Santa Cruz, Humboldt, San Anselmo – where it’s always been grown.”

“I’m glad you said that!” he exclaimed, agreeing that practically every area of a grocery store could have CBD and THC-infused products. “That was my vision with Shoogies. I’ve embraced this.”

What was the big “aha” moment that inspired you to create Shoogies?

“Basically, I saw an avenue that wasn’t being fulfilled. I also don’t really like edibles, meaning traditional edibles like brownies, cookies, etc. because they’re difficult to dose without overdoing it,” Latham explained. Most of us have experienced this dilemma after taking just a little – or maybe a lot – too much of an edible. “So, my motivation for this was agave as my first product. I had access to the syrup and thought, why not just do this and add THC to it?”  Simple, right? Well, he says it turned into a 2-year project of research and a difficult, complicated process. The product received final certification less than 2 months ago.

How much THC in each packet?

“Five milligrams in both. Shoogies is basically engineered around women who feel like they can use this without getting too high.” He compares the effect to having a couple of glasses of wine and feeling that lift. “The idea is that people who are in a higher BMI category can micro-dose and adjust as they feel the effects. Some, particularly men, may consume a bit more as they tend to be heavier than women.”

Part of the issue is people don’t have an adequate measurement for their tolerance level. You don’t down a half liter of tequila your first-time drinking, right? “The big mistake, the classic mistake is thinking, ‘This is a wonderful brownie! I need to eat another brownie because this one ain’t working!'” As with any edible cannabis product, allow time to feel the full effect before going back for more!

What do you do when you consume Shoogies?

“I’ll either use this packet,” he says, pulling a Shoogies packet out of his shirt pocket, “or I’ll have the agave syrup with me. When I go out with friends, and they’re having drinks, I won’t feel excluded. I’ll make myself a mock-tail.” Giving the packet a couple of shakes, he says, “And I’m having a great time!”

What about lifestyle benefits for people?

“Weed for Warriors Project @wfw_project,” Latham recalls. “They had a wonderful Instagram post…a photo of 100 of our veterans…taking all of their pills… and stomping… stomping… stomping them. This cannabis is an avenue for these guys and girls to get off the pharma shit. They’ve put their lives on the line and deserve healthier options,” he stated emphatically. More and more veterans across the country are trading their pharmaceuticals for alternative plant medicines that provide greater benefit without the nasty side effects.

There are appropriate times and places for smoking, but not everyone wants to consume that way. And we all know there are more consumption options now than ever before. Latham holds up a packet of Shoogies. “Just put this in your shirt pocket. That’s how easy this product is. That’s it! When I’m going out for the day, I put 2 packets in my pocket. Good to go!”

With Shoogies, you can take your THC with you, no muss, no fuss, no smell. And it’s sweet. So, the benefits are portability, ease of micro-dosing, versatility, quality product, sweetness, and no odor.

Tell us about your company and what you are innovating next

“Sense Distribution is my company, and we have a distributor. We look at the market more like walking into a 7-Eleven, but we aim to make it even simpler. What do you do when you’re out on the road? You need eye-drops. They have eyedrops. You say ‘I need sugar’. They have sugar,” Latham says. “Dispensaries are very constrained right now, but soon, they’re gonna be the Walmart and they’re gonna have everything and we’re gonna fill up a bit of that because this product, this is my heart and soul… This is project ONE. I have three others in the works,” he adds.

What does the future hold?

“The second half of project ONE is coming in six weeks and that’s the CBD/THC 1:1 of both of these products,” he says, holding up a sleeve of Shoogies sugar and agave syrup product.

So now imagine you go into your favorite coffee place and get your morning brew. You’re hanging out with friends or just people watching. Because you enjoy cannabis, you can get rid of  the “stoner” stigma and enjoy getting elevated with a little medicated sweetness. You can also pass the Shoogies without the stigma of lighting one up or vaping in public. Check it out and have an elevated sweet life! Visit: GetShoogies to find where available!

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