Lifted Gifting for Seniors!

Don’t Exclude Older Friends and Family from Your Canna-Gifting List!

How great is it that we live in times where cannabis gifting for senior friends and family is possible!? Still, it can be challenging. After all, cannabis is legal in some states and not others, and not yet Federally legal. That fact presents shipping/mailing issues, too. If your older adults live in a senior community that receives Federal Funding, there are definite rules you need to consider to avoid any potential problems – including possible eviction – due to cannabis consumption. Until it is legal Federally, these communities won’t be canna friendly in fear of losing financial assistance. You’ve got to be savvy and consult your medical and legal teams. Be safe…for your seniors’ sake and your own. And know there are a bounty of options!

Boomers and Seniors are the largest group of cannabis consumers, and social consumption continues to trend, rendering fabulous presents easily available. Options abound, and it’s easy to make cannabis part of the celebration of health and wellness in your family! Your gifts don’t have to be actual cannabis-flower products, and shopping at a dispensary is not always necessary. If you can provide some exceptional local flower for smoking and cooking with guests, that’s great. If not, get creative and gift elegant cannabis accessories, jewelry, home goods, and more to your seniors. As the cannabis industry grows into all areas of home, work, and lifestyle, there are ample choices for gift gifting this holiday season.

Find Out What to Give

Some seniors began their cannabis exploration with using full-spectrum CBD topicals and Hemp products. These new cannabis users are gradually welcoming cannabis into their lives while rethinking their views on consumption and legalization. Take the time to talk with your canna curious seniors and seek out what they desire. Maybe it’s new reading material or a class they wish to attend. Invest in things that will benefit your loved ones. Be observant and ask questions along the way so you can discover what canna products are of interest to them. Have they mentioned a canna friendly city they would like to visit, and could you make it happen?  Do they want to learn how to grow their own cannabis flower? Make your canna holiday gift giving a means to further your older adult’s acceptance, awareness and consumption of legal cannabis.

Seasoned Seniors Know What They Want

Many seniors have been smoking and cooking with cannabis for years, so they are very interested in the new science and technology of cannabis. That makes shopping easy as they already respect and understand the plant. Many of them have spent years or even decades smoking cannabis flower. They may be fascinated by the multiple new consumption options available to them. Find some great new tech gadget that will make consumption easier and healthier for them as they age. This will pique their curiosity, which is always a good thing.

These same old timers know how to give great gifts, too. You might even get lucky enough to receive a “Thank You” box of extraordinary “special” brownies and cookies, your ticket to relaxing holiday evenings. The beautiful medicine of the cannabis plant brings people together in many ways.

Gift a Cannabis Experience

Create a personal canna experience by purchasing tickets to legal, permitted cannabis events that include infused dinners, tours of cultivation sites and testing laboratories, and/or cannabis conventions. Experiences like these are a great way for retired boomers and seniors to learn about the science and technology of the plant and the industry. A wide and growing range of events, conventions, and expos in all states where cannabis is legal have much to offer.

The first cannabis consumption café in the United States, Lowell Farms Café, in Los Angeles, CA recently opened and would make for a wonderful excursion. While in Southern California, continue your canna tourism by visiting the many legal dispensaries. Taking them to these sites is the perfect way to get them comfortable with the emerging cannabis culture and their rightful place in it.

Another savvy gift option is a canna staycation. Yes, gift it to yourself and your senior loved one. Plan it together so you can share your elevated experience in a safe space with a focus on canna wellness for a couple of days. Hire a personal chef that specializes in cannabis cooking so you can have elegant meals sampling lots of healthy infused foods (expert tip, order extra food and freezer it). Make the next day a spa day, sampling the many CBD bath and body products on the market and hire a mobile massage company that features CBD infused massage lotion or oil to enhance your staycation. Planning the staycation is creative and interactive for your older adult and makes for a wonderful wellness experience.

Quick Gift Ideas for the Last-Minute Shopper

Time saver gift ideas come in handy this time of year. Here are some creative ways support the senior in your life who’s exploring cannabis wellness:

  • Create a gift featuring books, hemp crafts, CBD topicals, and home goods. Give your loved one lots of reading material like, The Cannabis Encyclopedia by Jorge Cervantes, The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer, and Marihuana Reconsidered by Dr. Lester Grinspoon. All of these and many other books are a great avenue to help boomers and seniors realize the potential for incorporating cannabis into wellness routines. Include hemp journals for notetaking.
  • Lotions, potions, and bath bombs are always great gift ideas. Pack a basket filled with topicals, balms, lotions and all things beauty for the older adults in your life. As we age, we all still want to look and feel good.
  • For the experienced senior already living a canna wellness lifestyle, make a canna wellness bag filled with low dose (micro-dosed) edibles and tinctures along with some flower and lots of accessories. Fill a bag with their favorites!

 Elegant and Extraordinary Cannabis Gifts

Luxury cannabis brands breathe new life into long established upscale department stores and hotels. Barneys launched The High End where consumers purchase luxury cannabis smoking accessories, jewelry and clothing. Many exclusive hotel properties carry exclusive CBD product lines in their spas and rooms.

Cannabis Cheers for Every Day

Taking time to celebrate the season and the plant should always be part of any canna wellness lifestyle. Canna seniors sharing cannabis gifts with their family elevates the season and every day of the year!






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