Kid Activity During the Pandemic

We are currently facing a global challenge forcing us to redirect our creative endeavors, our daily routines, and our interactions. Life as we know it has transformed and social media platforms are more than ever our most valuable tools during these times. Children’s lives in particular have become drastically changed. From being in school to now sitting somewhere in their homes, probably in pajamas, joining their class virtually, their activities had been programmed to mix education and some form of physical activity that kept them engaged.

Many parents may have been contemplating homeschooling and now are forced into becoming their teachers as education went virtual. For work-at-home parents like myself, many may lack the patience to homeschooling. This is now one of our biggest challenges. And for anyone who was accustomed to working outside the house, this situation can be stressful. We are truly on the verge of a shift in society’s behavior and this may be an opportunity to make a shift within ourselves as we are forced to stay home no matter what our work was before the pandemic.

The number of tools, programs, and offerings are endless, and many more are being created as you read this. The American Heart Association has been documenting how active play and exercise among kids helps to improve their metabolism. One great activity that children can engage in is yoga. Today many fitness experts recognize yoga as valuable part of functional training. Functional training (also called functional exercise) has become a buzz word in the fitness industry. While functional training focuses on endurance, strength and coordination to allow individuals to maximize performance, for kids it helps to stretch their bodies, gain strength, and relax their minds.


A few years ago, I created a program called Moonl1gth Str3cht (Moonlight Stretch), an infusion of dance/yoga for children of all ages, where they get to imagine they are an animal, such as a dove or a lion, as they move from pose to pose. This allows for children to exercise the mind and body helping to relieve the stress of staying at home with the adults in the home who are already stressed by the new normal we are living in.

For adults with children, our current reality has changed in a matter of blinks and we are being pushed to reevaluate the way we conduct our lives. Many adults are learning to become natural survivors, innovators, and courageous people in ways they never could have imagined. This is a great opportunity to focus on solutions and put our creative souls into full mode especially now that we are forced into a virtual world with video conference calls or meetings. In some school systems around the country, remote learning can include video classrooms to engage kids in the work they have before them and allow them to virtually be with their classmates.

So, what else can we offer our children to benefit from when virtual reality is going to become more intense than ever? With virtual yoga for kids, we can join their world with confidence and be able to manage our current situation well while we look to enjoy educational and fun activities for our children. Any child that can benefit from about 20 minutes of fun and relaxation.

The Moonl1gth Str3cht program is ideal for kids and their parents.

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