It’s That Time Again

The New Year Journey is YOURS to Determine!

The New Year is fast approaching, the end not only of the year but of the decade. 2020 is all about the energy of transformation, change and manifestation. Be prepared ahead of time to catch the miracle wave and not be left behind.

There’s an extra day this year because it is a leap year. And, you can be certain the politically volatile climate will stir up all sorts of emotions, so be prepared to have your weed ready to help with heightened anxiety. But that’s not all.

Major Transformations are Coming!

Astrologers are warning us to expect major world changes in 2020. Those feeling restrictions now may experience good luck and new opportunities coming. The key to handling these worldwide energy shifts is to focus on your soul’s path.  The more you stabilize from within and connect to your intuitive guidance, the easier it will be for you to expand and achieve your heart’s desires.

Thus, start now to wrap up this year by focusing first on what you have already accomplished not just during 2019, but from birth. In other words, explore the big picture. I’d reach for my favorite meditative strains of THC and make my lists and forgive my indiscretions. Focus on small and large accomplishments in 2019 and give yourself a high five for getting this far.

Next, let go of judgments and self-deprecation. Untether your mind to accomplish new dreams.

Be Bold and Go for the Gold!

Dive deeper. What are your true heart’s desires? Break it down to health, wealth, and happiness goals including relationships, spiritual and lifestyle aspirations.

Don’t Settle!

To become the CEO of your life and reboot in 2020, be truthful with yourself. Clarify your wants and desires to give yourself the best chance for success.

Sit back, smoke and chill, while recording your insights. Imagine writing your manuscript for 2020 and beyond, using your magic wand to swirl and twirl your dreams and goals into manifestation. Why not start 2020 with a fascinating new, revised movie script for your life?

Do not censor yourself. Allow these ideas and visions to emerge. Put them in writing. If its Italy you seek, write it down. More money, a better job, a college degree…it’s time to dream big.  Reorganize your lists to reveal your priorities. Listen to the voice of your intuitive mind as you align your body, mind and spirit in the direction you are being called.

Don’t let the start of this new decade pass you by. Prepare now, use your cannabis as a spiritual tool so when this wave of transformational energies sweeps across the planet, you are ready.

Stay lifted!





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