It’s Sex Magick Season!

Unleash Your Magick This Halloween…and Beyond!

The powerful New Moon is now behind us and another Mercury Retrograde upon us as of today…Halloween! Now is a great time to be exploring sex magick as a clearing and manifesting modality. For those who are unfamiliar, sex magick is the use of directed intention and sexual exploration to create, release, and transmute energy. Cannabis can be a significant tool in enhancing your ability to discern and utilize the energy that you carry with you and interact with all the time.

You Have the Power

If you’re brand new to this, you might be wondering where to even begin. I like starting with feeling the energy, then moving into a cannabis fueled self-love practice. Try this: put your palms together and rub your hands up and down quickly, generating friction. Feel the heat between your fingers. Imagine some of the energy of your body traveling down into your hands. Bring your hands a few centimeters apart. Notice what you feel between them.

Imagine there’s a ball of energy between your palms, golden and sparkly. Can you make it expand? Can you compress it down? Play with your energy ball a bit and see what it does. Now take that ball of energy and bring it into your lower abdomen and, you know, your private spaces. Feel the warmth spread across your body through your abdomen to your hips.

Let the Plant Help You Set Intentions

Next, assemble your cannabis supplies. I love smoking out of a bong because it unites the four elements–earth (cannabis), fire (lighter), air (smoke), and water (obviously). Close your eyes and offer gratitude that you get to consume cannabis in this time and space. Set your intention for your self love session. Imagine what you want to bring into being–maybe it’s greater pleasure, or a trip to somewhere beautiful, or financial abundance. Make it crystal clear in your mind–picture all of the details vividly. See, smell, taste, touch, and hear what it feels like to live a life where that thing you’re manifesting is your reality.

Unleash…and Enjoy the Ride

Lay down and make yourself comfortable. Trace your palms and fingertips along your body and notice any energetic sensations that arise–prickles, tingles, heat, shivers. If you feel any areas of shame, send a little extra love to those places. Once you find a hot spot–anywhere on your body–, concentrate some attention there. Let yourself enjoy the sensation. Take your time.

Begin touching yourself, however that makes sense to you. You could use toys or lube, or just your hands. Once you get to a place where you feel tension and pleasure building, return to visualizing your intention. Breathe and vocalize your pleasure, getting your whole body into it. See your intention. Feel it. Make it real. At that moment of maximum pleasure, picture shooting your intention into the universe, exploding it into rainbow facets of light. Keep breathing; be with your sensations as you come back down to earth. Imagine roots coming out of your genitals traveling into the ground, anchoring you back and letting you feel calm and balanced.

Try using different methods of cannabis to do different things. You might take a ritual bath in epsom salts and imagine cleansing and releasing anything that’s holding you back from being fully sexually expressed. You and your partner can both imagine your intention while you play together, doubling your manifesting power. The sky is the limit!

You are magical, and there’s no wrong way to work your magic as long as you remember that anything that you work comes back to you times three, so keep it positive for best results. Happy canna-casting!



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