Indica Strains For Veterans

Having served for almost 30 years in the US Army, I know better than most how bad the “over prescribed” epidemic has hit our vets. The whole country is plagued with access to dangerous sleep meds, prescription painkillers, and other addictive substances that change the lives of the people that take them – and usually not for the better.

I found that out personally when I retired from service a while back. My vision started declining (I had VERY good vision before) and was shocked when my primary doctor simply stated that is was a “normal” side effect of the sleeping pill I was currently on! WTH!? Normal?! Ha!

The thing is, we already have a solution. It’s growing amongst us, labelled a Schedule I drug on a federal level but slowly becoming legal state by state. Cannabis is the natural alternative to the pills that get you hooked, and there’s a type of strain that will help with just about any ailment you might have.

Take, for example, the sleeping pills so many of our vets start taking – an Indica strain can help you get a deeper, better sleep than an Ambien, Lunesta or a Seroquel ever could. Cannabis is not the evil plant some of us thought it was when we first enlisted to serve our country. On the contrary, cannabis has changed my life, and I know it could change yours too. Just like anything, you must learn how to make it work for you and be in control. I love to wake up Energized VERY early daily, so moderation is the key to my success.

Plus, maybe it’s just more fun than you thought to smoke some bud from time to time. The days of scary propaganda about the plant are over. Even more shocking? No one would think you’re a delinquent stoner just for enjoying cannabis! Heck, nowadays people will either just thank you for your service or join in and partake with you.

This is from one veteran to another: if you’re on any prescription medicine that helps you sleep at night, know that you DO NOT have to be on them forever. Speak with your provider of course, but know there are great alternatives here on the “greener” side of the fence. Let this be a sign to drop scary side-effects and give yourself a joint instead.

I’ve seen firsthand that Indica strains are helping veterans and citizens alike get off dangerous sleep meds that control entire lives. Research keeps pouring in about the sheer benefits this supposed “controlled substance” has to offer and the positive results are changing minds every day. Together, we can get rid of the stigma and get more vets onto the GREENER side of life ?

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