Holiday Gifting with Intention

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

…And it deserves the most wonderful kind of gift-giving. With recent fires, floods and other disasters around the globe, not to mention pollution from plastics and other toxins, the elephant in the room begs one question:  “How can I gift without causing more harm to the environment?”  Case in point, a  recent article in Business Insider stated, “The fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined.” This season is the best time to Gift with Intention!

First, what does “gifting with intention” mean?  Websters defines intention as “an aim or plan.” An intention is a vibrational thought that propels out into the world and continues to circulate. Energy is always in motion, and when the season is centered around spending time with family and giving gifts, why wouldn’t you want to give the best energy to someone you love?

Sustainable Gifts are the Best Gifts

Sustainability has become a major discussion and concern. More and more companies are using less plastic to package their products and making their “Green Footprint” better. If you intend to buy something new for your gifts this season, take a look at where you are spending your “energetic” money. Your money holds an intention, so your dollars do count when you exchange energy on the monetary level.

The Law of Physics says everything is vibrating. So how can you build on a regenerative energy system instead of just sustaining the current one? Here are a few ways you can gift with the highest intention this year.

  1. Buy second-hand treasure. You could find a true gem. We’ve all heard stories of people finding thousands of dollars sewn into fur coats, rare jewelry, and ancient artifacts at the thrift store. I have never met someone who doesn’t love a vintage item. Some of the best compliments I receive are when I am wearing something I got from thrifting. You start to see a luxurious lifestyle through a new lens when you wear something someone put abundant intention into. From art to jewelry to books to household goods and even clothing, you just can’t beat that vintage vibe.
  2. Support companies who reflect the change you want to see. Find a brand and follow the CEO. What are they passionate about? It is your place to do the research to see where your dollars go and who they support, if you want to raise your vibration. These are the kinds of companies to support with your dollars, your gifting, and your shared intentions.

Gifting the Green

Gifting Cannabis to fellow enthusiasts is always appreciated. Don’t be afraid to go-green this season! If you can’t decide on gifts or the holidays just stress you out, you can always gift with integrity with plant medicine from some of the best-intentioned brands. There are many companies that produce high end, consciously created cannabis goods. Here are a few suggestions for your friends and family with elevated tastes.

Fruit Slabs are California’s preeminent vegan, organic, infused edible, with no added sugar and certified Kosher! The owner, Roxanne Dennant is the CEO/Co Founder was recently named one of the most 24 influential women in the Cannabis industry. Fruit Slabs support the LGBTQ+ community and recently launched a new flavor collaboration with infamous Drag Race’s contestant Laganja Estranja.

The Yoni Day Spa is a go-to for female gifts. Ashley Barnes creates health products centered around pleasure and wellness. She is a certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator and creates an entire line of pampering products for that special portal we all know and love.

Kush Queen creates luxury wellness products and now CBD facial primer, which your partner will LOVE!!! You can’t go wrong with that gift this season or any of the products from Kush Queen. Get the Kings and Queens in your life the first true CBD makeup titled KINGDM, lubricant, bath bombs, and even fast-acting gummies. Olivia is passionate about helping those affected by the war on drugs and is an active LGBTQ+ supporter/ally/companion. Stay tuned for a new GOLDEN tincture it looks like she will be releasing soon.

Sailene Ossman is an original OG lady of Cannabis. One of the founders of the Glowing Goddess Giveaway has an amazing book coming out which you can pre-order on Amazon now called and get a signed copy at This is exactly what you should get your mother and extended family, although this isn’t available before this Holiday season you can gift this now and get a surprise to thank you in 4/2020! Sailene is a known pioneer in the Venice community and has been called the “Florence Nightingale of Weed”.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Reiki can give someone you love an energetic healing therapy. It makes an ideal gift because the receiver continually benefits from it. This healing art is an ancient Japanese healing modality that works on the Meridien energy system of the body, similar to acupuncture but there are no needles. It says that the source energy within everything can be guided to balance the body in multiple ways. Reiki never stops working once someone has their first session. A gift card for a session is the perfect gift for that family member or friend who gets that weekly massage or is into or curious about energy healing!

However you choose to gift, be mindful this holiday season and give with the intention to bring joy. Remember, it’s always the thought that counts.


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