Greetings From Our Publisher

The newness of legal weed on the West Coast continues to evolve as standout brands engage
consumers with the kind of information they deserve. To maintain the integrity of what the
cannabis plant provides, good companies are listening to what consumers want and lifestyle
brands are rising from the multitudes backing up their claims of what their product can provide
whether you smoke it, rub it, eat it or drink it. Beyond that you can dress with it, write on it, build
with it and cure with it.

Aloft Magazine seeks to celebrate and share the experiences of those who know strains, THC ,
CBD, and terpene uses, and a host of other ingredients that touch aspects of lifestyle and well-
being not seen since the discovery of aspirin or penicillin. We seek first-hand knowledge of the
effects cannabis has on over 50+ ailments and uses as well as hearing from experts. Our voice
is committed to bringing you the knowledge and learning that today’s world of cannabis is
generating for you and others who are seeking more information to make their choices on use.
Aloft Magazine will also bring you a unique perspective with lifestyle, culture, travel, health &
well-being, music, film and the arts.

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and support the brands who are sponsoring the content
provided in our inaugural issue. Visit us online and join our conversation… Aloft.

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