Fire Up Your Intuition

It Begins Within…

Are you experiencing worry, fear or anxiety? Wondering what steps to take, which direction to go? Or perhaps your relationships are problematic? Finding your center and remaining positive amidst personal chaos may be challenging. Without your spiritual-moral compass, it’s easy to fall prey to these negative emotions and lose your way.

Fortunately, cannabis opens the channels to your answers and allows you to access your inner voice. As you smoke or otherwise internalize the plant, your conscious mind expands, revealing your mission and increasing your confidence in your innate talents and skills.

This ability to hear the voice of your intuition requires you to go on an inward journey not easily revealed in our western culture. Fortunately, plant medicine facilitates this connection, enabling you to develop this skill.

Access the Divine

Cannabis is an entheogen, meaning it’s a psychoactive substance that connects you to the divine within. The the active ingredients of the plant take you out of your everyday logical mind and dissolves your boundaries, allowing your consciousness to travel down threads or pathways of information. It’s as if you are given downloads, packets of relevant new wisdom or ideas revealing daring strategies. Going with the flow literally takes you into a timeless, inner space connection with all that is.

This stream of consciousness enables you to break through preconceived notions of your strengths. Intuitive guidance takes over as you relax and gently experience the glimpses you are shown. Busy lives, stress and intense pressures most of us experience daily make it difficult to regularly access this inner voice. Once the logical mind resumes control, it becomes harder to make instinctual right choices. Unfortunately, this guidance of inter-connectedness dims if you don’t pay attention and follow instructions.

Researchers have discovered intuition takes over more frequently than we realize. According to Steve Jobs, “intuition is far more powerful than intellect.” Jonas Salk echoes this idea by telling us, “intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.”

Heighten Your Own Intuition

Cannabis allows you to breathe, slow down and relax, removing barriers to hearing your inner voice. As you take in the benefits of the plant, you will experience the opening to expand your consciousness. You may receive packets of information or instructions, as I did when I was guided to paint 33 angels in 30 days. It’s important to act upon these messages immediately, as you will not be given further guidance until your task is done.

Stay open to receiving these instructions and record them in your journal. Soon, you will have your Book of Messages from your Higher Self. Do this as a daily practice, a ritual, with focus and intention, and you will soon find your book of personal insights is being written as you speak…or as you consume this sacred plant in the form of your choice.

Your Gifts are Within Reach

The practice of going within is key in accessing your unique spiritual gifts. The consciousness bubble created when you consume enhances your senses of seeing, hearing, smelling and touching. These insights are related to the intuitive gifts of clairaudience, the ability to hear as an enhanced psychic ability, or clairsentience, the sense of knowing beyond “normal or physical senses.” Perhaps your special gift is the sense of smell, bringing back memories of departed loved ones. Many psychics tell us that pungent cannabis aromas can enhance their paranormal abilities.

During this holiday season, stay centered and find your balance within. Learn to hear your inner voice and you will experience more clarity, peace, and harmony in the New Year…and beyond.


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