Empowered Pain Relief

I Learned the Hard Way – You Don’t Have To!

After serving in the military for almost 30 years and deploying many times, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I incurred some serious chronic pain along the way.

You probably also wouldn’t be surprised to hear that damn chronic pain never quite went away. Fortunately, now that I’m retired from service, I can explore better ways to have brighter days. The days of being obligated to pharmaceuticals are DONE for me. I choose the plant medicine path, along with a growing number of other military veterans…not to mention an ever growing number of civilians. As for active duty military, well let’s keep up the fight for them, too.

Cannabis has been used as a natural way to combat pain for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. And just in the last few decades, social acceptance over the plant has outright skyrocketed. We’re seeing new methods spring up constantly over how to use cannabis for pain – and each seems to be more effective than the last! I’m always blown away at what kind of powerful strain I could be smoking next. Mmmmm, good shit! Love being pain free like a baby!

The Safer Alternative

One thing I do have to say – the negative rumors you’ve heard about cannabis are probably straight bullshit. From one vet to another, don’t let what was drilled into our heads in the service stop you from living your best life (now that you’re retired or separated). And if you’re a civilian, what are you waiting for?! It’s a whole new world. It’s time to dispel the rumors holding cannabis back, and we can do that together by just accepting the darn plant!

Plus, here’s the kickass bonus when it comes to cannabis:  WAY fewer scary side effects! Opioids and even standard painkillers have the potential to do some gnarly long-term damage. Side effects like chronic constipation, respiratory depression, generalized anxiety, AND some hairy-ass withdrawals if/when you decide to get off them (trust me!). When you have something natural as a potentially even better alternative, how can you say no to at least trying it out? Fuck that other shit. It simply doesn’t make sense. Give Cannabis a whirl and see what happens.

Medicate as You Choose

You don’t even have to smoke it, if that’s what’s got you hung up. Cannabis can be extracted into a potent oil, made into an edible, or even vaporized now so you don’t have to worry about the smoke hurting your lungs. There are low level THC strains and, of course, CBD blends, so you can function throughout your workday. You can even use THCa for the benefits of THC without the “high”/psychotropic effects.

And if you really feel like you just don’t want to go there with inhaling or ingesting it, there are topicals and creams to just rub on painful spots on your body. You don’t even have to ingest it! I use topicals the most, in fact, with mind blowing results.

Together, beautiful people in the US of A, we can break the stigma together. As we head not only into a new year, but into a new DECADE, try cannabis to effectively treat your pain! Start the new year on a whole new level! You can thank me later. And you can also thank the plant and all of the pioneers who got us this far! I will put together some of my favorite strain-pain combos in the next article. Stay tuned for more and GIVE yourself BETTER-Daily!

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