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Cannabis dispensaries, lounges, bud parties and cafes are springing up everywhere cannabis is legal. It is quite remarkable how fashionable and readily available marijuana has become.

With new lifestyle choices and recreational experiences being designed to make your 420-experience easy, fun, and unique it’s worthy of exploration to gain self-empowerment with this powerful plant medicine.

A Muse for Body, Mind and Soul

Partaking in cannabis has the potential to expand your creativity, joy of living, and peace of mind. Many are discovering its use as a perfect antidote for anxiety and negative repetitive thoughts as it facilitates easier access to a deeper meditative state. Cannabis is the plant with purpose.

You can combine weed with exercise to give you a physiological power boost or add a dose to your yoga practice to facilitate the rise in your kundalini energies and spread the prana life force throughout your body. There are people who medicate before meditation to go to higher and deeper levels of exploration. You too can experience an enhanced connection to your spiritual source while toning your body at the same time.

Creative Inspiration

Are you ready to experience your creative side? If you’re in Southern California, you might enjoy the Paint and Puff class I recently attended at the Puff Parlor Lounge in Cathedral City, California. Over 30 people came together to be taught enhanced creativity by renowned street artist, Dundee.

To jump-start our creative juices, the artist passed around the proverbial giant joint, 12-inches long and three inches in diameter filled with top shelf cannabis. We all partook, except for my dear friend on my right, who abstained, preferring wine to weed, as the rest of us indulged. My friend painted with such precision, as she managed to literally stay in the lines of her drawing. The rest of us seemed to paint all over the canvas with larger, bolder and more colorful strokes. I discovered a deeper layer of creative talent and skill as an artist.

Foodies are having a field day with the varied cannabis infused delicacies, treats and drinks coming online. Private tastings, dinners and cannabis clubs are increasingly available across the legal United States. There are cannabis tours of the local grow sites, dispensaries, labs and packaging facilities are attracting the local tourists. Hospitality and cannabis are perfectly matched to support this industry, as hotels, restaurants, and lounges offer a creative array of pot-friendly events.

Combining social experiences like these with cannabis in an array of settings can take your conversations and casual or intimate connections to whole new levels. And healthy, joyful connections are part of a happy, fulfilling life.

Wellness from the Inside Out

So how do you use cannabis effectively to help keep you healthy, focused, balanced and in harmony?

Cannabis is a game changer precisely because its use enables an expansion of your consciousness. It’s possible in this new space-time continuum to gain insights you didn’t grasp before. You might find yourself grabbing a pen and paper to jot down new ideas that spontaneously reveal themselves.

The possibilities are endless. You see, cannabis doesn’t focus on solely one condition at a time, whether mental or physical. In fact, a major benefit is that it works to correct many systems in your body simultaneously. People report improvement from medical marijuana for a wide range of conditions – from seizures, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, and arthritis, to Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and digestive disturbances. And a healthy body benefits your mental and emotional state, and vice versa.

So, it is not surprising that when you use cannabis for pain, you might get a better night’s sleep and wake up happier. Pain relief with an extra bonus – tranquility, peace and harmony.

No More “Stoner” Stereotype

There’s a popular misconception about cannabis that using it for any reason, be it medical or recreational, makes you a “stoner”. Some folks I know are still buying into this old school philosophy left over from the war on drugs. They prefer to be stoic rather than experiment and give this plant a chance.

But, here’s the catch. A love affair with cannabis has the potential to improve your health, happiness, creativity and joy…and to empower you in every way.

So, why not give weed a chance!?

Dr Joan Hangarter, DC

420 Spiritual Living

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  • Great article~ quite comprehensive, which helps EDUCATE, AND, thus allows an ‘opening’ for a New relationship with Cannabis~ for a better, more creative & Enjoyable LIFE!???

  • Eileen Kaniefski
    October 20, 2019 2:27 am

    I agree. Awesome clear informative article. Being an artist, also, I loved the art part. Looking forward to when I can move out of this non-smoking bldg!

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