Elevated Spiritual Living… It’s a Real Thing

(Updated: 10.08.2019)

A Long and Winding Road

On my own spiritual journey over the last few decades, I’ve discovered that the universe gives freedom of choice in the paths we choose. For at least the last four decades, life has brought an experience of connecting with a centeredness that, at times, has been elusive. Other times, it has brought a long wave of peace and prosperity within. Both of these states of being have filled my journey with rewarding growth.

With life’s inevitable ups and downs, how do you incorporate spirituality in a way that your centeredness is consistent? How do you incorporate cannabis into your spirituality?

From personal experience, I can testify that using cannabis as part of meditation and visualization has been liberating and eye-opening. We all hold a certain belief in ourselves and our capabilities and aspirations. But life happens…and self-belief can become self-doubt. When we fall into doubt, we limit the power of what we truly can achieve. And when we don’t have a forward vision or dream, we have the tendency to return to the familiar chaos brought on by hard work and struggle. And, it’s doubly important to note that it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Doctor Says…

Meeting Dr. Joan Hangarter has helped confirm the validity of coupling cannabis with meditation and being able to live at a higher frequency. For more than 40 years, she has worked with thousands of individuals to awaken to their destiny and to live the life that best utilizes their talents and gifts.  A Doctor of Chiropractic, she also has her MS degree in Counseling and is an accomplished author and artist.

So how does cannabis help in these spiritual endeavors exactly? Joan tells us, “first you need to understand what spiritual living is. It is a pathway to align your body, mind and spirit to create balance, clarity and focus to have the life you love.” Whether you believe in a God/god, higher power, being, spirit you believe in OR don’t believe in any such godly entity or energy is secondary. Believing you can achieve some sort alignment can actually allow you a spirituality that subscribes to a universal energy or spirit or whatever you want to call it. Once you embrace that belief, you enable aligning with that energy.

“Cannabis has a unique effect in allowing expansion of your creative mind,” she continues. “When you change your mindset, which we all have the power to do, you get beyond a box of predetermined rules for thought.” In other words, we expand our vision and open up to possibilities for our journey and what we may achieve. We are shown the way because we allow ourselves to be. “It allows the mind to travel its own pathway…” as a way of connecting with our vision.

Everything is Energy

As human beings, our minds generate frequency and energy. It takes time to be self-aware of where your frequency is and what level of energy you are in. For most of us, when we describe our state of being it is really describing our energy level in negative terms like, “I am tired”, “I am good” or “I am fine”. Our words can actually dictate our energy level and can elevate our frequency when we are mindful and intentional. How would you respond to “How are you?” if inside your head or in the mirror in the morning, you told yourself “I AM A HIGH ENERGY BEING!” with the biggest smile you can. You’d be like Tony the Tiger! “I’M GREAT!” Frequency and energy within ourselves can be self-controlled and self-generated.

“Cannabis responds to your frequency and specific strains can help lift your vibration and frequency,” she says. “We all emit frequency. Frequency is a choice.”

Meditation and self-generated control allow us to speak what will be and allow our minds to solve whatever we confront to get to our vision. “Being able to get out of your head is a practice in observation, learning to notice what you are feeling or thinking without being gripped by what you are feeling or thinking is something to be mastered,” she says.

Now you can get to work. When you have organized your plans, every layer of tasks, achievements, next steps or strategies for your life, you have completions along the way that get you closer to your vision. Your mind can visualize what the future holds, and you can train it to visualize who you need to be each day to get to who you see yourself as in the future you can create.

You Are Not Alone

Meditation helps us connect our being, get out of our heads, and be among the angels, energy, beings that are around us. What? Yes, when you have a regular routine of meditating and consciously creating the vision you hold for your life, you are projecting a universal energy that brings spiritual beings around you. They may be your guardian angels or the spirits of long since gone beloved relatives and ancestors. Joan tells people she teaches and guides, “We all have angels around us.” Mixing cannabis with guided meditation allows your mind to achieve a higher frequency and “to be among them.”

So, it’s not so easy to explain. Einstein believed that we exist among parallel universes that connected when we made a path choice. In other words, everything we encounter has already happened in a time continuum, and we just cross paths by the choices we make. Cannabis can be used in guided meditation to unleash our mind and inhibitions. In this elevated state, we can connect with our spirit guides and visualize the paths we need to take to realize our vision.

“So yes, with guided infused meditation, people can learn to master their frequency, master their personal meditation, affirmations and visualizations,” Dr. Hangarter concludes. Mastery is a journey, one that you do not take alone.

We have asked the good Doctor to provide us a guide to learning 420 Spiritual Living. There’s more to her story, and you will get a chance to engage with her in her upcoming weekly column only on AloftMagazine.com.

For more information on 420 Spiritual Living, follow Joan on IG @joanofangels

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  • Antonia Quast
    October 8, 2019 3:57 pm

    I so wholeheartedly believe in this journey… Joan has shown me and we have journey together. Using cannabis to open our mind and raise our frequency only connects us more to the universe, to Gaia and everything upon her and to humanity.

    • Joan Hangarter
      October 8, 2019 5:16 pm

      There are such amazing experiences to be had, when we allow this connection to occur. We learn more about the consciousness we truly live in, and this awareness allows us to align with our true purpose.

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