Elevate Your Gift Giving This Holiday Season!

Legal Cannabis Means New Gifting Options!

‘Tis the season for giving gifts and gathering together for the holidays. Last month, I discussed how to infuse your holiday meals for an uplifted experience. This month, we’ll shift our focus to what’s under the tree. Many brands have begun focusing not only on what’s in the box, but also the box itself, as well. Craft cannabis is emerging as a more elegant form of cultivating, processing, and packaging cannabis products.

Just as there is craft coffee and craft beer, craft cannabis takes a high quality product and wraps it in sleek, modern packaging. These products are generally high in THC and terps, with many boasting full-spectrum effects. Any cannabis enthusiast would be happier than a kid with a Red Ryder BB-gun with a compass in the stock to see one of these under the tree!

Lowell Smokes Cold Pressed Cannabis

Lowell Herb Co. takes vaping to new heights with their Cold Pressed Cannabis Oil. Instead of extracting oil from the cannabis plant using traditional methods, Lowell flash-freezes their plants, water hashes them (tumbles them in ice water), then cold-presses the plant for oil extraction. What’s most notable about this method is that it involves no solvents, butanes, or additives. With the vaping scare that’s going on right now, this could be the least risky vape on the market. Cold pressing preserves all the natural cannabis flavors as well as terpene profiles. As Mary Magazine puts it, “The cold-pressed cannabis experience is as close to smoking the raw plant as possible.” Available as a Pax Pod or disposable vape, its Victorian-era packaging makes this product appealing to the truly discerning cannabis consumer.

Gold Flora Disposable Vapes

Gold Flora’s disposable vape line offers everything from CBD oil (White Gold) to full-spectrum distillate (Turnt AF). Unlike Lowell, Gold Flora uses the more traditional CO2 extraction method for its cannabis flower. Their products are highly potent, however, ranging anywhere from 75-90% THC, with their Turnt AF boast a full-spectrum, 90% THC content. Their sleek, urban packaging gives them a modern vibe that looks perfect with a stylish suit or elegant cocktail dress.

Flowers on Flowers

Not all cannabis gifts have to be smokable. San Diego-based Flowers on Flowers infuses their bouquets with cannabis and hemp. Imagine sitting down to a holiday dinner with family and friends, and the elegant centerpiece is adorned with cannabis and hemp leaves. Or maybe mom would love to see a beautiful cannabis floral arrangement under her tree. Or maybe you’re throwing a huge event and need a Flower Wall or other floral decor.

Whatever the occasion, owner Leslie K. Monroy and her team can fill every order beautifully. These are floral arrangements like you’ve never seen…til now. Check out this expansive arrangement and this cute bud!

Craft Cannabis as an Alternative Gift

As the cannabis industry creeps more and more into the mainstream, look for lots of high-end cannabis gift options. Just don’t forget to leave clearly-labeled edibles out for Santa this year. Maybe he’ll put you on the Nice List.

Andy Wagner, SD CannaBlogger

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