Elevate Your Path to Awakening

Cannabis as a Spiritual Tool Through the Ages…

A negative encounter last month with a religious teacher triggered my journey to discover if cannabis can activate our vital force, our energies, to bring about a spiritual awakening. Many mystics and early Eastern cultures seem to think so. The use of marijuana to increase one’s wisdom and connection to spiritual insights and personal transformation is well documented in many religions, including Buddhism, Judaism, Taoism, and Hinduism.

We find references to its widespread use in medicine, magic, and religion in early China, India, and African societies. Cannabis is referred to as Bhang in Early Vedic texts and was one of five sacred plants worshipped as a source of happiness and giver of joy. Primitive societies used marijuana to drive away evil spirits, produce visions, and heal the body of a myriad of symptoms.

Still, many cultures and religious groups frown upon its use and insist it has the opposite effect. They state it lowers your vibration and hinders your spiritual advancement. In the early ’70s, when I applied to become an initiate and minister in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, for example, smoking marijuana was forbidden because it supposedly attracted lower entitles and blocked spiritual progress. I was reminded once again last month here in Coachella Valley when a “spiritual teacher” walked up to my 420 art booth and proceeded to inform me I was blocking my spiritual awakening.

Take Your Conscious Lifestyle to the Next Level

Though I am of the mindset that used appropriately marijuana will raise your frequency, this approach does take practice and is no way guaranteed. The use of cannabis as an ally to your spiritual growth requires a positive, conscious application of meditation practices, positive thinking, and healthy living.

The overuse of marijuana and alcohol has the opposite effect. Addictive use reduces your energetic vitality and allows holes or tears in your auric field. This will drain your energy, create confusion in your psyche and lead to depression and loss of your spiritual connection.

Cleaning your aura of dark energies is possible, but only after the addictive behavior is addressed and healthy lifestyle changes implemented. This is not an easy fix, as a detoxification of your body, mind, spirit, and home is necessary.  All lower frequency attachments must be cut or cleared to experience the shift to an elevated state of being. Raise your vibrations by practicing mindfulness, going into nature, and choosing healthy foods.

Set Your Intentions…and Flow

Many are turning to marijuana to assist in deepening their spiritual connection. One method is to first create a sacred intention and a dedicated space in which to imbibe your plant. By lighting a candle and playing healing music, you will facilitate your spiritual journey as you use the plant. Keep a journal close by to record your visions and insights.

Once the stage is set for enlightenment, proceed. Inhale or imbibe. Take a deep breath and bring it down to your toes and feet. Imagine any cords or roots emerging from the balls of your feet and going down into the center of the earth.

Release and let it all go. Simultaneously imagine a beam of light in your crown, coming down through the top of your head, and going through your body into the center of the earth, bringing in new energies. Allow your mind to drift with the music, until you feel a sense of space, of timelessness, of what I call the in-between.

This feeling can last for seconds or eternity…and is where your wisdom and insights reside. Allow this expansion of your consciousness to take you to unknown regions. Simply follow their thread and drift as new ideas, impressions, and understandings come to the forefront, solutions present themselves, and opportunities are revealed.

It All Makes Sense Now…

By allowing yourself to go with this flow, you will soon see the larger picture and connect the dots of your life, giving you a deeper understanding of why you are here and what you are here to do. This is the path of mastery.

Thus, if spiritual awakening and transformation is your goal, do what Emperor Shen Nung said in 2000 BCE.  “If you take it long enough, you will communicate with spirits and lighten your body!”

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