Cooking with Cannabis – No Longer Taboo


I recently had the great pleasure of talking to California Chef Brooke E. Egger about her expertise on edibles. Owner of Coachella-based Greyline Edibles, the chef is a pioneer in the medicinal cannabis industry, having worked with the plant since 2006.

When it comes to choosing an edible, Chef Brooke suggests talking to bud tenders. They are highly informative, very passionate about their jobs and a great source of knowledge.

The topic of cannabis is no longer a taboo. Talking with friends about their experiences (and even a little bit of self-exploration) can go a long way toward finding what works best for you.

Chef Brooke also says to find out what the base product is for the edible you decide to use (either CBD or THC) and which would work best for you. Edibles with more sugar, for example, will metabolize faster and effects will wear off sooner.

Her final tip is to start slow and pace yourself. Take a bite or two and wait; some effects take longer to kick in than others. Also, it is never a good idea to consume edibles with alcohol, since it usually negatively intensifies the effects.

Knowledge certainly is power. A big thanks to the insightful Chef Brooke for all the pro tips. Stay Aloft.

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