Consumption Just Got Easier

Microdosing Meets Innovative Solution

It’s rare to find a company in the cannabis industry that’s not about getting you high AF. An example is vaping as there isn’t any real standard for dosing coupled to meet objective of the user.  Introducing MODE™, the world’s first smart cannabis vaping device.

We were recently introduced to the founders of a company who have innovated and designed a “best in class” vaping device and we believe this is a category killer. Vapor Dosing Technologies, Inc., founders Izzy Kirsh, Stephen Bates and Mark Wagner, have been on a trajectory to launch MODE™ and the big day is next week for launch on the 11th of January.

A Personal Choice

Consumption is a personal choice for those of us who do smoke weed. Izzy informed us that he started consuming cannabis after being injured and that he underwent multiple procedures to alleviate the pain, not finding true relief. His experience with cannabis was that “consumption was kind of a free for all.” That was before the plethora of information on dosing and strains existed. What was missing then was guidance for personal use experimenting with flower before switching to vaping. Vaping provides a higher bio-availability – meaning it gets to the bloodstream quicker than smoking. With this knowledge, he found it more satisfying whether using medically or recreationally.

Izzy also found that vaping “is one of the form factors that has no dosing to it. People just stick in that cartridge and just go for it”. This causes people “to over-consume, pass out on the couch, or have a 6-hour trip with it. This isn’t quite what mainstream medicine is going to look like with respect to cannabis consumption.” Like all other meds, whether pharmaceutical or homeopathic, MODE™ aims to establish dosing standards for people who self-medicate and for medical practitioners who recommend cannabis use for treating ailments where it can help alleviate issues.

How MODE™ Works

MODE™ works with any standard 510-universal cartridge from your preferred brand. About 75% of the cartridges used today are technically called 510-universal or c-cell cartridges.

The team at Vapor Dosing Technologies spent time experimenting, measuring and defining how to dose by the milligram as the key opportunity to make this widely available. It is a smart device as it allows the user to set the dose you want to consume – from 1 mg to 5mg. The typical vape battery you attach to a cartridge allows you to set the heat – low, medium, or high, but not the dose amount. When you turn MODE™ on, after you have paired it to the app on your phone, the app allows you to input the strain of oil you are using and automatically reads the dose amount you have set. Once you’re ready to vape, the sensors read the amount you set to dose and the app records the dose each time you vape. When you vape, the device uses technology to vibrate when you have achieved the desired intake.

Who Is MODE™ Made For?

As for types of users who could benefit from MODE™, Izzy tells us “step one is to remove medical and recreational as the two big boxes you put people into” and focus on peoples’ objectives for consuming. Specifically, being able to inform and educate people on what cannabinoids they need or what doses are needed to reach their objectives. Whether treating sleep, chronic pain, cancer, stress or just for using for creativity or relaxation, he believes it should not be categorized into those two areas. “Everybody is using it somehow to medicate themselves and try to improve their lives,” he states. Most cannabis use occurs among people who look to enhance their experience in life. Of course, there’s always a group of people who abuse cannabis because they weren’t given better tools. Some just want to get high. Others, if they purchase in the black market, want to get high and do something that is anti-government.
Over 100 million cartridges are sold at a pretty hefty price today. The stigma left over from years of illegal activity, even today, still has many questioning whether to try cannabis and most don’t look at vape as an option as the stigma lingers.

People who are into health and wellness seek alternatives to pharmaceuticals or alcohol, for that matter, to medicate or recreate, respectively. And they look to cannabis as a healthier option whether it is ingested, smoked, rubbed on, or vaped. And yet, dosing directions for smoking or vaping are lacking in the market at a broad scale. For people who enjoy microdosing, this is the most innovative way to consume their medical marijuana.

The Future of Smart Consumption is Here

The device truly acts as a “personal IoT platform” for people to control and manage their consumption at a personal level. Through several years of testing and collecting the data using devices that measured the micro-milligrams, they have been able to create an algorithm to set the dose the user wants to consume. In developing the app you’ll be able to download to your phone, you’ll be collecting information on the strains you use and the amounts you consume so that it memorizes which strains and occasions or uses you had. The future of the app is that it will soon be able to recommend the strain a consumer can try for a specific reason.

And, for people who are looking for a way to try medical marijuana oil for the first time, MODE™ prevents you from taking “to big a hit” so the experience becomes more enjoyable.

Many who have smoked cannabis for 20 or more years, have tried vaping from time to time. Up until the early Fall of 2019 when many people were having lung issues, illegal carts became prevalent across the US. Many mostly vaped to alleviate their lungs from the effects of smoking flower and thought they could microdose a cartridge. They soon found out that the hacking cough they were experiencing was due to a key factor – heated cannabis oil. When you experience MODE™ however, you’ll find this quite different.

Dosing is the future and vapor will continue to grow as more states legalize. MODE™ will soon be available all over the world to usher in new cannabis consumers and convert others with a whole new, personal way to dose.

To learn more, visit MODE and get on the list to be notified when the online store starts making it available.

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