Elevated Dining…Classier Than You Think

Match Desired Effect with Your Meal for the Ultimate Experience!

The culinary cannabis movement is a space bursting with innovation. Words like cultivar, terrior and appellations are now used to describe the world class sungrown cannabis from northern California. Organization’s like Crop to Kitchen and sophisticated foodies like The Herb Somm are leading the conversation and innovation of cannabis in cuisine.

Most exciting for this Ganja Traveler™, we now live in a world where a cannabis Effect Pairing™ enhances a dining experience. Effect pairing? Yup, Effect Pairing™. Not only is Effect Pairing™ the future of cannabis tourism, it will continue to emerge as a top-of-mind consideration for those whom consume daily. Let’s dive in…

What Experience Are You Looking For?

An Effect Pairing™ is the art of selecting and consuming a cannabis cultivar in an effort to optimally enhance an activity or experience. Prior to selecting a cannabis cultivar, one must first consider what they will be experiencing in a high, elevated state. Ask yourself, ‘what effects or heightened senses would enhance the experience I’m walking into, making it even more extraordinary?’

Today we are Effect Pairing cannabis with a decadent multi-course meal at the Michelin rated Farmhouse Inn and Restaurant in the Russian River of west Sonoma County, yum. That means we’re seeking a cannabis strain that stimulates appetite and sharpens the palette, enhancing taste, flavor and texture.

The Sonoma Coma cannabis strain with its euphoric munchie inducing effects and taste bud popping reputation is an excellent pairing and precursor to our Farmhouse dining experience. Sonoma Coma was born and bred in Sonoma County California and deservingly won 1st place at High Times Cup 2012.

The Joy is in the Details

My preferred Effect Pairing method of ingestion is a Martyjuana hand-rolled joint of freshly ground top-tier flower, sungrown biodynamically outdoor in Mendocino, California by First Cut Farms. Prior to lighting my Sonoma Coma hand-rolled joint, I take a ceremonial dry hit to experience the natural taste and terpene profile of freshly ground top-grade cannabis flower. A dry hit has been part of the smoking ritual in the Emerald Triangle for decades. A dry hit allows you to truly taste the ‘terrior’ and essence of the flower and the land is was grown on, prior to combustion.

Dry hit complete, I fire up the joint. For me, two deep draws with a steady inhale exhale breath pattern does the trick. It puts me at or near ‘flow state’, inducing an optimum level of Sonoma Coma Effects that are assured to heighten my dining experience. I am calculated and measured with my pre-dinner dosing to ensure a positive Effect Pairing and extraordinary experience.

The Farmhouse Restaurant is simple and charming and the Sonoma Coma effects are settling in. My belly is starting to signal for food and my taste buds are craving some entertainment. I order the three-course meal with wine pairing. The sommelier provides vivid descriptions of each paired wine, and the waiter explains the food in depth course by course. The flavors are intense and delicious and the pairings are superb. In true Sonoma Coma style, the texture of the food is as satisfying as the flavors and I can feel the meticulous preparation that went into each bite. Not surprisingly, Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit was the stand-out dish. It’s the signature dish of Farmhouse, offering Rabbit prepared in three different styles for a nice variety of taste and texture.

In today’s cannabis tourism 2.0 world, Effect Pairings ™ will continue to emerge as a fun and smart way to consume cannabis. Whether you are enjoying a meal, a live performance, a hike in the redwoods or intimacy with your significant other, cannabis is a wellness tool that can enhance the experience. Know your strains, the effects and dosing level for a successful Effect Pairing™. Enjoy!

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