Chief Peck

Empowered Pain Relief

I Learned the Hard Way – You Don’t Have To! After serving in the military for almost 30 years and deploying many times, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I incurred some serious chronic pain along the way. You probably also wouldn’t be surprised to hear that damn chronic pain never quite went…
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Nite Nite, Nightmares

Get Specific About Your Cannabis…and Get Some Sleep! Do you dread bed? You know…restless nights or worse yet…nightmares? During life, we often witness or partake in some really “bad shit” that can stick with us. Often we get stuck with that moment(s) in the last place we need it, our sleep / dream world. Sleep…
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Don’t Be Fooled!

Not All CBD is What it Claims To Be I’m gonna cut straight through the bullshit so you don’t have to learn the hard way. NOT all CBD products are created equally. It’s a wild, unregulated world in the CBD industry right now. That means countless companies get away with selling products that are useless…
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Indica Strains For Veterans

Having served for almost 30 years in the US Army, I know better than most how bad the “over prescribed” epidemic has hit our vets. The whole country is plagued with access to dangerous sleep meds, prescription painkillers, and other addictive substances that change the lives of the people that take them – and usually…
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The Reality Of CBD

Here’s the skinny: I was in the Army for almost 30 years where they reminded us monthly that Cannabis was pretty much taboo. I never touched the stuff when I served, so I slowly suffered through what eventually became fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome in silence. See, it was more than the hate propaganda for…
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