Cannabis Tourism Defined

What it is and how to get the most elevated experience!

“What is cannabis tourism? Is it like wine tours?”, I am often asked. Well, wine tours tend to cater to a wide-variety of individuals, from connoisseurs to party-seekers. So, yeah, the subject can definitely be compared to cannabis tourism…sort of.

Legalized recreational cannabis use and sales around the globe means lots of ongoing change. Thankfully, that change includes the rise of numerous marijuana-infused experiences and tourism related businesses. And they come in all categories, shapes and sizes. To better understand cannabis tourism, let’s break it down.

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The Definition

Cannabis – a tall plant with a stiff upright stem, serrated leaves, and glandular hairs. It is used to produce hemp fiber, medicine, and a psychotropic stimulant.

Tourism – the business of providing experiences, entertainment, lodging and dining for people who are traveling.

Cannabis Tourism – the mission to curate empowering and memorable experiences centered on a plant that grows hemp fiber and beautiful, powerful medicine.

Cannabis remains a bit controversial at this moment for our society. Hey, vineyards and grapes offended a lot of people back in the early 1900s, too. Alcohol went through prohibition, just like cannabis did. And now look at the alcohol industry.

Progress and real change take time. Today, tourists enjoy guided tours of prohibition tunnels. And storytelling abounds about bootleggers, moonshiners, the rat pack and an underground economy that once thrived. So, too, will go the story of cannabis. Its unique subculture around nature, dirt roads, hidden grows and secret vaults will live on. And that history will fuel a vibrant and growing tourism culture.

The Opportunity

You may find planning a cannabis “experience” a little challenging. But have no fear! A few simple searches of key terms can help you explore your cannabis options and create a memorable travel experience.

  • Festivals – Search for local cannabis festivals. They offer a wide variety of experiences and educational activities that let you explore at your leisure.
  • Tours – Tours typically feature visits to marijuana cultivation sites, manufacturing plants and dispensaries, and provide education along the way.
  • Wine and Weed Tours – In Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, combine your love of vino with a truly unique experience. Varietals are not just for wines!
  • Brews & Buds Tours – In Southern California and other parts of the country, there is a trend of combining craft beers pair with food and cannabis strains for a heading experience.
  • Activities – Local events such as “puff and paint”, cannabis cooking parties, and dance parties are just a few of creative activities you join for a shared experience.

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The Caveats

As you prepare for your weed adventures, remember that the cannabis industry is in constant flux. Laws continually change and legalization moves state-by-state. Laws vary between cities and counties, too. Take note of the following Cannabis Travel Tips:

  1. Cash: Many cannabis dispensaries can only take cash so be prepared. Many have a local ATM for your convenience but call ahead or check online to verify.
  2. Consumption: Cannabis consumption must be confined to private property, cannabis-friendly rental or hotel rooms, or an establishment with a legal, licensed marijuana consumption lounge area.
  3. Traveling: Do NOT travel with cannabis products across state borders and never internationally. It is illegal and a sensitive subject at the moment.
  4. BYOC: Bring Your Own Cannabis – Many cannabis experiences often require BYOC such as “puff and paint” parties, dance parties, etc. The activities are curated with weed factored in as an enhancement tool. Know before your go!

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The Future

As we develop cannabis tourism in this early stage, three words come to mind: adventure, heritage, and education. Cannabis is an extraordinary and curious plant. It is a spiritual tool, a medicine, a symbol of freedom. With each passing day, it grows as a commodity with big-time dollars at stake. States and countries continue to negotiate laws and regulations. Cannabis will continue to move into the mainstream. Eventually it will be on par with alcohol and wine industries. The rise of experiences available to travelers will continue to entice “budding” newbies and ganja connoisseurs alike will continue to seek enticing cannabis tourism.

So be one of the pioneers! Be able to look back and tell stories about the early days of cannabis tourism…and all of your awesome adventures!

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