Black Friday Self Care

It Begins Within…So Indulge YourSELF a Little This Season, Too!

In anticipation of the holiday season, and given the current state of the world, self care is more than important at this point–it’s a survival skill. Finding ways to bring yourself joy in times of stress can help build resilience and create hope. One caveat–nothing you buy will give you all the satisfaction you crave. You cannot fill the empty spot in your life with material goods. Or sex. Or relationships. Or food. Or money. The following items are meant to be catalysts for the activities they represent, ways to level up your experience, if you do have the resources to acquire these things. If money is tight, you’re not doomed. Just finding ways to explore the relevant activities can help to create space for self-sustaining joy in your life. So create a solid foundation for what you give – this season and always – by nurturing yourself along the way!

Put the Magic in Your Hands

First and most importantly is self love. We spend so much of our time taking care of others–at work, at home, in friend groups. It’s important to not just prioritize self care, but to prioritize self pleasure. The reason I love the Magic Wand Plus is that it’s incredibly versatile. It works on all genital configurations, if you’re willing to get creative, plus it doubles as the thing your mom has been claiming it is for years–a back massager! This is an upgrade from the original–now you’ll find variable speeds and patterns, plus a silicone tip which makes it much easier to keep clean. If a vibrator isn’t in your budget this year, your hands will do just as well. Make a sixty-minute date with yourself and take your time exploring your body for pleasure with no goal other than more pleasure.

Wash Away Your Worries

For those who work hard, in the office, in the gym, wrangling kids, or hustling as a self-employed badass, baths are a great option. They actually have genuine health benefits, like relaxing sore muscles and helping the body detox by absorbing magnesium from the salts you add to the water. For an especially indulgent bath, I’d suggest getting a 200mg “Love” bath bomb from Kush Queen. While you’ll still feel some effects with the lower-dose 25mg bath bomb, I believe more is more, so why not treat yourself? If a $20 bath isn’t in the cards, try a bath with regular epsom salts instead. For a sensory upgrade, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil like lavender or lemon.

Enjoy a Little Lift

If you’re on this website, ostensibly you are at least curious about cannabis. With all the panic lately about vape pens, I predict that flower vaporizers will see a surge in popularity. Why not treat yourself to a decadent portable vaporizer–the MV1 from Ghost Vapes? This vaporizer is convection so it uses indirect heat to vaporize the flower, giving it an incredible flavor. You can also choose from pre-set heat settings or customize your temperature through the bluetooth app. It’s a little bulky and looks like something out of Star Wars, but it produces tasty vapor and even doubles as a concentrates vape too, if you use the concentrates pad. If you’re not into feeling high but still want to enjoy the sexy side of cannabis, check out the Holiday Intimacy Collection from Foria Wellness. It includes their flagship product, Awaken, a CBD-infused intimacy oil, 50mg suppositories which can be used in the front or the back, and a CBD massage oil which can be used all over the body. The perfect gift to keep all to yourself, or share with a partner if you’re feeling generous.

Get Your Groove On

Finally, no list would be complete without a soundtrack. Music is magic. It can help us deepen our relationship with ourselves, explore our memories, help us feel understood, fill us with joy, comfort us in our sorrow, and connect us with the world. One of my favorite musicians is Lizzy Jeff, a rap priestess and medicine woman based in Los Angeles. If you’re going to get yourself something to truly elevate your experience in this world, let me suggest buying her 2019 album, S.L.A.P.S. (Spiritual Lyrical Affirmations for Prosperity and Success). I can’t help but move my body when I listen to these brilliantly curated vibes. Notice what happens when you just allow your body to move in ways that feel good. Be silly. Be sexy. Be playful. No one is watching, no one is judging. Feel into your body and give it the things it needs. And seriously, listen to Lizzy Jeff’s lyrics. She has wisdom for us all. If you don’t want to purchase music, I put together a few of my favorite tunes on a playlist on Spotify. I call it my Empowerment playlist. Enjoy!

What are you going to treat yourself to during this holiday season? Remember, you deserve it!

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