City and Festival Promoter’s Ban on Legal Cannabis During Events

April is one of the liveliest months in the Greater Palm Springs area. The weather is warming up and the desert flowers are in full bloom after the winter rains. Spring Breakers are driving the main strip – Oh let’s not forget two of the biggest music festivals on the west coast hits town in April; Coachella Valley Music Festival and Stage Coach Country Music Festival!

With Cannabis now legal in the state of California, and new lounges and Cannabis friendly hotels springing up around the Desert, what Cannabis user wouldn’t be excited to add that to their lists of what to do and see during their trip to a music festival?

Unfortunately, the city of Indio and the festival promoters, Goldenvoice/AEG, have banned the use of most Cannabis anywhere in the city limits and on the festival grounds. According to the Coachella Valley Music Festival’s website, “NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia, ‘Incl. Cannabis, Cannabis Products,’” are allowed inside the Polo Field Grounds yet “E-cigs/Vapes (Liquid refills prohibited. APVs (mods) not allowed in venue)” are allowed in the Polo Field Grounds.

California Cannabis Laws state – “The only time that an event is legally able to have Cannabis sold would be if: (a) the promoter got a Cannabis event organizer license; and (b) the venue got an event license for a specific date.”

City of Indio’s City Manager Mark Scott explained, “This is clearly an emerging industry and we will continue to evaluate our City options. We are very interested in knowing as much as we can about the opportunities and challenges. We are trying to follow the evolving State regulatory market, and we are attentive to the variety of approaches to implementation and lessons learned.”

Palm Desert Principal Planner, Eric Ceja reminded Aloft that, “Palm Desert does not allow on-site consumption at existing dispensaries and that we default to State law for consumption in public (areas).”

The Greater Palm Springs Visitor’s Center provides a link to Cannabis do’s and don’ts around Greater Palm Springs plus where to shop, stay or chill. Visit their website for more on how to have a Cannabis-friendly weekend during the music festivals:

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