Aging Well with Elevated Healthcare

More and More Seniors are Going Natural!

Times are changing. I’ve worked with the aging population for many years. From my own observations and research on resilient and successful agers, I can tell you that, now more than ever, they’re staying informed on their options and want some autonomy on their healthcare decisions.

The typical life experience of seniors has extended, as humans evolve in their life expectancy to over 100 years-of-age. We see many more active advanced agers seeking natural health and wellness options for their healthcare. These days more and more older people want prevention and relief protocols that will help them age successfully on their own terms for as long as they can do it.

Cannabis has been used throughout the history of humans and in most cultures as a healing, medicinal plant. With more and more States legalizing cannabis, major research projects like a recent $3 Million-dollar donation to University of California, San Diego to study cannabinoids  (CBD) and $4.7 million-dollar donation for a research project aimed at alleviating severe Autism with CBD are sprouting up all over the US. A recent news story addressed the Arthritis Foundation releasing CBD guidelines and the fact they are on record encouraging the FDA to expedite the study and regulation of these products.

Why Cannabis for General Aging Ailments?

Cannabis and seniors make sense because successful agers are seeking new ways to navigate aging that doesn’t require lots of prescription medication that may or may not relieve their symptoms, but produce side effects. Savvy, well-informed seniors are seeking alternatives as they age because they accept aging and just want smarter choices to help alleviate the stress, anxiety, and pain of aging.

With more access to legal cannabis, seniors have many options for consumption besides smoking, which many seniors do not want to do. Advanced agers are exploring cannabis tinctures and oils, balms and lotions, and all sorts of edibles. All this new science and technology of the legal and compliant cannabis industry makes more it more mainstream and normalized for seniors and their loved ones to incorporate cannabis into their care plans.

Seniors Speak Up

In the course of life, advanced agers experience a host of aliments considered “normal” in terms of aging guidelines. Well, that’s not good enough for many of them, anymore! Successful agers are seeking help for them to manage symptoms without having the medicine reduce their activity or impede social activities. And more power to them (and their caregivers)! Cannabis is proving to ease many symptoms with minimal side effects, so it makes sense that seniors are the fastest growing consumers of cannabis in the Nation. Yes, you heard that right. The fastest.

Many older adults seek treatment with their doctors for these top aging aliments:

  • Insomnia
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Gut Issues

Seniors are typically prescribed pharmaceuticals to help them with all of the above and more. The problem is, those drugs usually produce side effects with the potential to cause other issues or they leave the senior feeling tired and withdrawn. Little by little, doctors are coming on board with new protocols. Increasingly, mainstream healthcare professionals are discussing cannabis use for relief of anxiety from pain. The layered approach to cannabis wellness that many seniors use means they combine several intake options for cannabis like a topical balm, a micro-dose edible mint, and tincture in their coffee. This approach allows for the senior to “medicate” with cannabis in a variety of ways throughout their day and night to help them manage their aging aliments.

Proceed Confidently Toward a Greener Future

It just makes sense that after witnessing the opioid epidemic in the U.S. that older adults are choosing to research natural wellness options that include cannabis.

It is critical that all seniors talk about cannabis with their doctors before ingesting or starting a cannabis regimen. Medication interactions can happen between prescription medicine and cannabis, without proper guidance. For example, cannabis can lower your blood pressure and could cause an adverse reaction if blood pressure medications were already being ingested. Always keep the doctor informed.

We are witnessing a huge societal shift. Cannabis and savvy seniors are smart enough to know that exploring cannabis makes sense to them and for their wellness. And their healthcare providers are steadily heeding the call to meet them where they stand and to proceed arm-in-arm with them. It’s a long and winding road, but the future looks bright.



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