Aloft Magazine Statement of Responsibility

Aloft Magazine does not promote illegal substance consumption. Aloft Magazine celebrates the lifestyle enjoyed by people who benefit
from cannabis and hemp products, agricultural or processed consumer goods, in a manner that promotes self-responsibility by
informing, educating and entertaining adults aged 21 years or older.

About Us

Our vision and passion is to inform, educate and entertain our readers in celebration of the lifestyle benefits people receive from
cannabis and hemp.

Aloft Magazine exercises our First Amendment right of self-expression with insightful editorial

  • Feature from or about influencers and experts about the influence of cannabis products on our lifestyle.
  • Travel articles about destinations where cannabis is acceptable and where you may find to consume it.
  • Food articles that inform and educate readers about the how much, when, where, and why of consuming cannabis-infused foods
    with featured recipes, chefs, and lounges.
  • Lifestyle articles about possible experiences cannabis products provide including medicinal, recreational and industrial uses via
    interviews with industry experts and health advocates.
  • Cultural articles about the impact of cannabis and hemp on culture, entertainment, music, film, literature, performing artists, art
    and more.