Month: June 2019

The Ganja Traveler: California Travel Tips

Travel + cannabis are like peas + carrots, they simply belong together. Cannabis is a tool that opens minds, sharpens senses and magnifies experiences. The very nature of travel is to explore and expand by visiting new environments.They are undoubtedly synergistic, and complimentary. Below are tips on how to partake in this new world of…
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The DRUID® App Measures Impairment from and Tolerance to Cannabis

Introduction to the DRUID app, Inc How to Measure Impairment from Cannabis As the worldwide legalization of cannabis accelerates, impairment from cannabis has been raised as a concern for cannabis users’ driving and workplace performance, with potentially serious implications for public safety. Generally, states consider driving under any level of impairment illegal. Becoming impaired from…
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Female Filmmaker Sparks Conversation On Women And Weed

Filmmaker Windy Borman grew up with a negative perception of cannabis. She labeled pot smokers at school as “stoner dudes,” under-achievers who often skipped class and usually smelled like a skunk. “That ‘I don’t care’ mentality just didn’t jibe with me,” recalls the award-winning director and producer. “It wasn’t very inviting.” When she started interviewing…
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Bi-Color Watermelon Gazpacho

Serves 12 Ingredients: Main Ingredients 1 small Red seedless watermelon, cubed 1 Red bell pepper, seeded and deveined 1 small Yellow seedless watermelon 1 small Yellow bell pepper, seeded and deveined General Ingredients 2 Medium cucumber, seeded and cubed 12 medium cannabis leaves, chiffonade (sliced into thin ribbons) 10 leaves Thai basil, chopped 2 Tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar 2 Tablespoons…
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420 Lounge Palm Springs

Aloft Magazine had a chance to sit down with the 420 Lounge manager Simon Sarkisian to talk about the new lounge in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. Aloft Magazine – How are you letting visitors to the Greater Palm Springs area know about the 420 Lounge? Simon Sarkisian – All the hotels have our…
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