Month: April 2019

Dispensary Guide

As we travel around places, we’ll provide you with a guide that will point you in the right direction to get your cannabis and hemp products. Each month, the guide will accompany our travel editorial.
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Strain of the Month: Premium Black Jack

Black Jack is a hybrid that has some Jack Herer and Afghani-derived Black Domina (typically 70-Indica/30-Sativa) according to All I can tell you is that this is a bad-ass strain. Our first Strain of the Month is one that got my synapsis firing. With 25% THC, it calmed me down from my anxiety (med…
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50 Strains of Green

How much do you really know about the cultivar you claim to love? Carolyn White has a reality check for cannabis consumers. The names you know for the strains you love, like Sour Diesel or OG Kush, are unsubstantiated street names for varieties that were secretly bred and traded for 50 years. And now that…
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The Reality Of CBD

Here’s the skinny: I was in the Army for almost 30 years where they reminded us monthly that Cannabis was pretty much taboo. I never touched the stuff when I served, so I slowly suffered through what eventually became fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome in silence. See, it was more than the hate propaganda for…
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True Terpenes Featured at Kim Kardashian’s CBD Baby Shower

Straight Toke
Kim Kardashian West is the newest advocate for hemp, CBD, and terpenes. True Terpenes’ industry leading terpene products were utilized for teas and gift bags during a baby shower to welcome Kim Kardashian West’s fourth child on April 27. While CBD was the focus of the shower, and most hemp products currently, terpenes are stealing…
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Cooking with Cannabis – No Longer Taboo

I recently had the great pleasure of talking to California Chef Brooke E. Egger about her expertise on edibles. Owner of Coachella-based Greyline Edibles, the chef is a pioneer in the medicinal cannabis industry, having worked with the plant since 2006. When it comes to choosing an edible, Chef Brooke suggests talking to bud tenders.…
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Greetings From Our Publisher

The newness of legal weed on the West Coast continues to evolve as standout brands engage consumers with the kind of information they deserve. To maintain the integrity of what the cannabis plant provides, good companies are listening to what consumers want and lifestyle brands are rising from the multitudes backing up their claims of…
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CBD and Autism – A Parent’s Journey

While researching CBD and its many benefits, I stumbled upon a blog by Mike Robinson, a dad who treated his stepdaughter Genevieve’s severe autism and epilepsy with CBD and other cannabinoids. Myself the parent of a child with autism, I was very interested in Robinson’s research and experience. I was fortunate enough to interview him…
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